Truvani Protein Powder Review

Truvani Protein Powder

If you love fitness and working out, you probably know about some of the new and improved protein powders that have hit the shelves in the last few months. One of the biggest gripes about this type of supplement is its poor taste, so many of us are always on the hunt for better, healthier, and tastier options. 

Enter Truvani, the company built on the belief in real foods without adding chemicals. They present all of their products with full transparency in the high-quality ingredients used. All products are USDA organic, vegan and non-GMO, which is rare to find among other protein powders on the market.  

Truvani Protein Powder Review


Truvani’s Protein Powders come in Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate peanut butter, and Banana Cinnamon. They also carry protein and energy plant-based drinks mixes with caffeine and adaptogens in the flavors mocha and vanilla latte. If you’re looking for something different, you can also try their Protein Greens plant-based blend. 


Contrary to the gritty textures and tastes of other powders, its claim to fame is that it tastes like dessert, for those of us with sweet tooths. Their signature protein powders have over 20,000 raving customer reviews on their website alone and only have a few ingredients in their recipe. 

For example, in the chocolate flavor, there are only six ingredients: Monk Fruit, ground vanilla powder, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, alkalized cocoa, and pea protein. The vanilla flavor contains only five simple ingredients: Monkfruit, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, ground vanilla powder, and pea protein

The chocolate peanut butter flavor contains seven ingredients: Monk Fruit, ground vanilla powder, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, alkalized cocoa, peanut powder, and pea protein. Banana Cinnamon’s ingredients contain seven ingredients as well: Monk Fruit, ground vanilla powder, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, Ceylon cinnamon, banana powder, and pea protein. 

In each 1.3 lb. container for all four main flavors, there are about 20 servings and only 130 calories per serving. There’s also 3g of fat, 5g of carbs, and a whopping 20g of protein per serving! 


The protein and energy blend drink mixed with caffeine and adaptogens in mocha or vanilla latte is a great alternative to a cup of coffee in the mornings or during the work day. Their ingredients include Monk Fruit, ground vanilla powder, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, alkalized cocoa powder, pea protein, coffee powder, coffee berry extract, maca root powder, lion’s mane extract, Cordyceps Extract, and MCT oil only. This product came after the big hit of the main protein powders discussed above. 

Truvani listened to customers’ requests for a solution to the negative effects of drinking coffee to get that energy boost. The protein and energy blend is the solution to too much caffeine and the annoying side effects from that morning roast, like irritability, jitters, lack of focus, and upset stomachs. 

Truvani listens to its customers

Did You Know?

The protein greens plant-based protein powder is also one of the company’s latest hits. This product contains Vanilla Powder, Pea protein, pumpkin seeds, broccoli powder, banana powder, chia seeds, kale powder, monk fruit, quinoa sprout, alfalfa sprout, mung bean sprout, broccoli sprout, and spinach powder. Each container contains about 20 servings and 80 calories, 2g of fat, 3g of carbs, 1g of sugar, and 10g of protein. 

This product, another customer demand for Truvani,  is a great alternative if you don’t have the time to use the juicer. Customers rave that one scoop with a glass of water is delicious and makes it easier to get greens into their bodies. It’s obvious that the ingredients were selected for it’s support of overall wellness. There are also numerous studies that show that some of the ingredients may support a better alkaline balance in your body.

Along with the simplistic and transparent ingredients, all of the different flavored protein powders are dairy-free, soy-free, AND gluten-free. These products are also perfect contenders for anyone on the paleo or keto diet. 

What makes Truvani special?

If you hate powders that use stevia as the sweetening agent, welcome to the club. Instead, Truvani uses monk fruit (or its native name: Siraitia grosvenorii) to give that flavor we all crave. Monk fruit is native to Southern China and its fruit extract creates a sweetness sensation over 200 times stronger than sucrose, the chemical name for sugar. 

The texture is also a big component in choosing the perfect protein powder to incorporate into your daily fitness lifestyle. Many customers compliment the smooth feel of the blend, especially when mixing it in with smoothies, milk and protein shakes. We all know protein powders without grainy and clumpy textures are hard to find, Truvani stands a part of the competition and secures the hearts of so many subscribers because of its versatility when combined with other food blends, liquid or solid.

The great thing about this product is also that it has a two-year shelf life. If you don’t use protein powder as frequently, or if you choose to get a subscription for this product, you won’t have to worry as much about it going bad. The official Truvia Website also harnesses many unique and delicious recipes to utilize with the powders. 

Another notable comment from customer testimonials is that Truvani Protein Powders do not cause bloating or other digestive issues for those with sensitive stomachs. 

These simply designed protein powders attract customers who want to get away from products with harmful or counter-productive ingredients like fillers and preservatives. With most of us turning to organic, cleaner products, Truvani fits the bill and has the studies and feedback to prove it. 

Final Thoughts

The fitness nutrition industry is getting back to simpler products and ingredients that we can all pronounce. Most of us may think this is a trend, but we think that cleaner, more natural protein powders are here to stay. The customer reviews on social media and from experts make it clear that companies like Truvani understand that, and are willing, to take the challenge to produce better products for better results in our fitness journeys. 

Have you tried Truvani protein powders? How was your experience!?

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