10 Gas Station Drinks with the Most Caffeine 2023

If you’re looking for a drink with the most caffeine, the gas station might be the perfect place to stop and get one.

Although not always the best for you, sometimes you’re tired and you need something to wake you up and get your day moving forward.

The gas station drink with the most caffeine is going to be an energy shot such as a 5 – hour energy or an espresso with anywhere from 64 to 100 mg. per ounce. These drinks may not be the healthiest, but they will give you a burst of energy, propelling you through what your needing to get through.

Try not to drink many of these caffeine laced drinks too often, but when you do, here are the ones that are going to pack in the most caffeine and can be found at your local gas station.

Gas Station Drinks with the Most Caffeine

1. Bang Energy Drink

The first gas station drink with a high amount of caffeine is Bang Energy drink.

Quickly rising in popularity, this 16 oz. energy drink contains 300 mg. of caffeine.

This one is packed with super creatine, caeine, essential amino acids, has 0 calories, and is sugar free.

2. 5 – hour Energy

An energy shot that’s loaded with caffeine is the 5 hour energy.

A small 2 oz. bottle contains 200 mg. of caffeine, setting you up for the day.

This sugar free drink has only 4 calories, is portable, does not require refrigeration, and contains many vitamins and minerals.

3. Monster Energy

Next on my list of highly caffeinated drinks that can be found at the gas station is Monster energy drink.

This drink touts 160 mg. of caffeine for every 16 ounce can.

Even though this may be one of the worst energy drinks for you, the caffeine still packs a punch.

4. NOS Energy

Another energy loaded with caffeine is the high performance NOS energy drink.

Coming in a variety of flavors, each 16 oz. can provides 160 mg. of caffeine.

Loaded with certain nutrients, you not only get your energy from caffeine but b-vitamins as well.

5. Redline Energy

If you need to max out your caffeine intake for the day, a redline might just do the trick.

With a 4 oz. bottle containing 158 mg of caffeine, you’re not going to find many drinks with much more than that.

A redline is a quick and easy way to get your caffeine in during the day.

Find one at your local gas station.

6. Pepsi Zero Sugar

You won’t think of caffeine without soda coming into mind.

Pepsi zero has 115 mg. of caffeine for a 20 ounce bottle.

Does the zero sugar make up for it? Probably not.

7. Mountain Dew

One of my all time favorite sodas growing up is the caffeine packed Mountain Dew.

Found at almost every gas station across the country, Mountain Dew has 91 mg. of caffeine for every 20 oz.

Many would call this nectar of the Gods, while others might call it detrimental to your health.

I’ll let you decide.

8. Regular Coffee – 8 oz. 95 mg.

Next on the list of caffeine drinks at gas stations is coffee.

Probably the healthiest option on the list, coffee is a natural antioxidant and can give you that boost to help you get through the day.

Just remember to drink it black and skip all the sugars and fillers.

Your daily cup of joe will run you 95 mg. of caffeine for an 8 oz. cup.

9. Espresso – 1 oz. 64 mg.

Some people just want their caffeine instantly.

A shot Espresso can help you with that.

Found at certain gas station locations across the country, a quick espresso will do the trick.

Each 1 oz. shot will run you 64 mg. of caffeine.

10. Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

Last gas station drink with the most caffeine is the cold brew Stumptown coffee.

A 10.5 oz. bottle will give you about 279 mg of caffeine to get you off and running for your day.

Not many people like their coffee cold, but if you do, this one will do you right with a large dose of caffeine.

Summary: Gas Station Drinks with the Most Caffeine

A quick stop at the gas station could be the perfect place to find a drink with a large amount of caffeine. You’re going to find the most caffeine in an energy drink, cup of coffee, or soda. If you really need something that’s going to give you a burst of energy, stick to coffee. Coffee will provide your body with antioxidants and won’t fill it with a ton of empty carbs, sugars and calories.

If you need more ideas for energy drinks, check out my article: 9 Healthy Energy Drinks at Gas Stations

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