9 Best Hot Coffee Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee

With so many options at a Scooter’s Coffee, you might need to sift through the menu to find some of their most popular and best hot coffee drink options.

The ‘key’ to finding the best hot coffee drink on the menu is to go for something you will not only enjoy but will give you energy and provide your body added nutritional value first thing in the morning.  

If you can’t find a hot drink that will satisfy, Scooter’s also has iced drinks, blenders, smoothies, teas, and various food items to go with your drinks.

Picking a tasty option is also going to provide your body with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Next time you find yourself at a Scooter’s Coffee, try one of these best hot coffee drink options.

Best Hot Coffee Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee

1. White Mocha

The best hot coffee drink on the Scooter’s Coffee menus is their White Mocha.

They start with their rich and creamy white chocolate mixed with espresso and hot milk to create an irresistible treat. 

It’s the perfect thing to get you through a long afternoon.

2. Espresso

The next best hot coffee drink option on Scooter’s Coffee drink menu is a quick shot of espresso.

This 5-calorie drink is the real deal straight up or with a little bit of half-and-half.

Their coffee beans are roasted to bring out the rich smooth flavor in the form of espresso.

Grab an espresso for that instant burst of energy.

3. Candy Bar Latte

The next drink on this popular drink menu is their Candy Bar Latte.

They take drinks up a notch with this with its rich espresso, milk, and expertly fused flavorings.

If you’re counting calories, it’s best if you share this hot coffee with someone else.

4. Cafe Au Lait

A refreshing summer drink from Scooter’s is their Cafe Au Lait.

In the French language, café au lait simply means “coffee with milk.” It’s pure and delicious, and has equal parts brewed coffee and textured milk.

This delicious blend of naturally flavored Cafe Au Lait will net you only 86 calories on the day.

5. Caramelicious

One of the best hot coffee things at Scooter’s Coffee is their Caramelicious.

This sweet signature drink fuses buttery smooth caramel sauce, frothy hot milk, and their world-class espresso . It’s topped with fluffy whipped cream and drizzled with caramel sauce.

It is the perfect drink to energize you and wake you up.

6. Brewed Coffee

One standard and staple drink that acts a mainstay on the menu is their Brewed Coffee.

This best hot coffee drink option comes tall, dark, and handsome.

Add a little bit of sugar or creamer for your perfect coffee blend.

7. Honey Vanilla Latte

Next on this list of the best hot coffee drinks from Scooter’s Coffee is the Honey Vanilla Latte.

This delicious and popular drink is made with world-class espresso, combined with frothed milk, honey, and vanilla, for a smooth, sweet warmth, then topped with whipped cream and their signature caramel drizzle.

This is one of the most popular drinks on the menu.

8. Sugar-Free Turtle Latte

Another smart way to get your daily dose of antioxidants is with a Sugar-Free Turtle Latte.

These 122 calorie drink options are some of the best hot coffee options you can pick.

Grab this to give yourself a quick and refreshing afternoon pick-me-up.

9. Cappuccino

Last on this list of the best hot coffee drinks at Scooter’s Coffee is their Cappuccino.

This hot and steamy sensation has espresso topped with an abundance of frothy, hot milk.

Order it dry with just the froth, or wet.

Don’t forget to look through Scooter’s Secret menu on a weekly basis to see all the hot, delicious, and popular new items.

Summary: Best Hot Coffee Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee

Scooters has an abundance of coffee options on their extensive menu. Picking the best hot coffee and most popular drinks is just a matter of looking through the menu and identifying drinks that are both energizing and satisfying. Even though many of these drinks look amazing based on their fillers and additives, the best hot coffee option for you might be something that’s a little bit healthier and low-calorie. A good coffee can be hard to find so make Scooter’s a go-to stop to find the best hot coffee drinks in the area.  

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