8 Low Sodium Foods at Dunkin Donuts

If you need to watch your sodium intake and need a quick bite to eat, you might go to Dunkin Donuts and grab one of their low-sodium foods on their extensive menu.

The “key” to finding a food low in sodium is to skip their regular donut menu and go for something like the pumpkin Munchkin, Blueberry Muffin, or Multigrain Thin.

It may be hard to tell just by looking as to which foods might be low in salt.

The best thing to do is to sift through the menu and get something that’s not only low in sodium, but also is low in sugar and calories as well.

Next time you find yourself at a Dunkin Donuts, grab one of the following low-sodium food options.

Low Sodium Foods at Dunkin Donuts

1. Pumpkin Munchkin

The first low-sodium food at Dunkin Donuts is the Pumpkin Munchkin.

This donut hole is small and delicious and the perfect morning or afternoon snack.

You can also get these in butternut, cinnamon, glazed blueberry, glazed chocolate, glazed, glazed old fashioned, jelly, old fashioned, and powered.

A Pumpkin Munchkin will net you 65 mg of sodium on the day.

Just make sure you limit your intake to 1 or 2 per sitting.  

2. Kosher Egg and Cheese Wake Up Wrap

The next low-sodium food at Dunkin Donuts is the Kosher Egg and Cheese Wake up Wrap.

It’s a simple breakfast food that you can get with your low sodium drink.

Grab this delicious food for only 410 mg of sodium.

3. Blueberry Muffin

Another food you can get is the blueberry muffin.

It’s simple and delicious and low on sodium.

Get this to only add 390 mg of sodium on the day.

4. Chocolate Chip Muffin

Chocolate chips are delicious and are especially good in muffin form.

Try this chocolate chip muffin that will go great with any coffee.

This muffin will only cost you 400 mg of sodium.

5. Coffee Cake Muffin

If you need a low-sodium muffin, you might try a coffee cake muffin from Dunkin Donuts.

This is the perfect snack to get your day moving.

Get this to net you 370 mg of sodium.

6. English Muffin

Another fan favorite is the classic English muffin.

Just add a little butter and enjoy.

Pick this over something else to keep the calories down and the sodium intake at 270 mg.

7. Multigrain Thin

One of the lowest sodium items on the Dunkin Donuts menu is the Multigrain Thin.

This simple and delicious food is the perfect coffee companion.

Grab this for only 220 mg of sodium.

8. Plain Croissant

Last on this list of low-sodium foods from Dunkin Donuts is the plain Croissant.

This flaky buttery snack has far less sodium than you might think.

Get this tasty food to net you only 250 calories for the day.

Summary: Low Sodium Foods at Dunkin Donuts

The next time you find yourself at a Dunkin Donuts and need a quick and delicious treat, skip the high sodium donuts and go for an egg and cheese wake up wrap or a plain Croissant. These are not only going to be lower in sodium, but lower in calories, sugar, and healthier for you. Skip the Kosher Dunkin’ Double Veggie Sausage Sandwich that’s loaded with 1460 mg of sodium and go for something a little better for your body like a simple English Muffin.

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