8 Low Calorie Sonic Drinks

If you find yourself at Sonic, you might want to opt for the low calorie, low to no sugar drink options on the menu.

The “key” to a successful Sonic run is to avoid the Sonic Splashes strawberry limeades that are high in calories and go for the low-calorie drink options like unsweet iced tea or a diet limeade.

It’s easy to pick a typical soft drink or sugar laced blast shake or sundae.

Instead grab a drink that’s a little healthier for your body and your waistline.

Grab any one of these 8 low calorie drinks at Sonic.

Low Calorie Sonic Drinks

Unsweet Iced Tea

The first and close to best low-calorie drink option at Sonic is going to be unsweet iced tea.

This no calorie, no sugar option only has 15mg of sodium.

It’s the perfect drink option for any time of the year.

Diet Limeades

A tastier Sonic Drink that’s low in calories are their diet limeades.

Ranging from 5 to 30 calories, this is a great drink option for those who need a little bit of flavor in their lives.

The diet limeades are also great because they only have 0 to 2 grams of sugar per drink.

These drinks come in cherry or lime.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Start your day off with a low cal, no sugar drink from Sonic.

Coffee is going to give you that pick me up you’ve been needing to energize your day.

This no sugar option will enhance your bodies health and provide it with crucial antioxidants to help cleanse the body.  

Coke Zero, Diet Coke Zero, Sprite Zero

If you must have your daily soda, go for these no calorie, no sugar drink options from Sonic.

Many people are addicted to soft drinks with mountains of sugar.

Pick the one that won’t leave you with the dreaded sugar crash and go for these healthier drink options.

Bottled Water

When you find yourself at Sonic and you need something to pair with that high calorie burger, go for the no calorie, max hydration that water provides.

If it’s hot outside, you are likely to be dehydrated.

Drink water and stay cool.

Kids are often more dehydrated than you think.

Diet Green Iced Tea

Another drink option at Sonic is the diet green iced tea.

Coming in blackberry, lemon, mango, cranberry, peach, and raspberry, these low calorie, low sugar drinks will add some flavor to your day.

These may be a seasonal think so get them when you can.

Minute Maid Apple Juice Box

One drink that may have slipped your mind is their Minute Maid apple juice box.

Get one of these for yourself or your kids for only 80 calories.

This easy drink option can be much healthier than other drinks and slushes on their menu.

Small Powerade Mountain Blast

A good way to replenish lost electrolytes is with a Mountain Blast by Powerade.

Following exercise or outdoor activity, this drink will help rehydrate your bodies lost sodium and sugar.

Try to opt for water but if you really need some lost nutrients, a Powerade may be your best option.

Summary: Low Calorie Sonic Drinks

The next to you go to Sonic, try to think about what you are putting into your body. If you are going for the high calorie burger, balance that with a low-calorie drink. Try not to double up the damage and opt for health over hunger and calories. The best low calorie, no sugar drinks may be hidden in the menu, but they do have some options that may keep you out of trouble. Choose the healthier option next time you find yourself at a Sonic.

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