7 Healthiest Drinks At Burger King

If you find yourself at a Burger King and are needing a healthy drink to pair with that Whopper, choose something that’s low in calories and sugar, and high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The best drinks are going to be the ones that are refreshing, energizing, and don’t hurt the waistline.

The “key” to selecting a healthy drink on the menu is to skip the high calorie sodas and shakes and go for the scarcer options on the menu. Choose drinks like coffee, water and unsweet iced tea.

Eating at a Burger King almost guarantees your about to consume a high caloric meal.

Make sure you balance that meal with a healthy, low-calorie drink option.

Choose one of these 6 healthy drink options at Burger King.

Healthiest Drinks At Burger King

1. BK Café

One of the healthiest drinks at Burger King is going to be the BK Café.

This healthy, antioxidant rich coffee drink might be just the thing you need to get your day going and your energy elevated.

Choose coffee, a quick and simple option, over an orange juice that would put 30g of sugar into your body.

Just remember to leave out the added sugar and creamer to save yourself some calories.

2. BK Café Decaf

Another no calorie, hot drink option at BK is their decaf coffee.

This healthy drink will provide your body that warm, hydrating drink to get your day going.

Choose this over the regular coffee and skip the caffeine.

3. Unsweet Iced Tea

A light, refreshing drink for any time of the year is the unsweet iced tea.

Choose this over the regular sweet tea and save yourself 100 calories and 25g of sugar.

You’ll need as few calories as possible if you opt for the 1006 calorie Big King XL.

4. Fat Free Milk

A great way to decrease your chances of osteoporosis is with vitamin D, calcium, and weight bearing exercise.

Milk provides your body with vitamins, minerals, and goes great with almost any kind of meal.

Choose this over a Fanta or milkshake.

Milk will stay fresher if you add salt.

Adding a pinch of salt or baking soda to milk as soon as you open it will keep it fresh for over a week past its expiration date. 


5. Bottled Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

What could be better than a simple bottle of water.

Detox your body, hydrate, and remove the high caloric intake with a healthy drink of water.

Grab this over a high calorie Mello Yello.

6. Powerade Zero

Another healthy drink option at Burger King is the Powerade Zero.

With zero calories, this perfect post workout drink is what’s going to replenish electrolytes, helping you to quickly recover.

Much better than most, choose Powerade Zero over many of the other drink options.

7. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

If you must drink a soda with your meal, choose the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar drink over regular Coke.

Not as healthy as many other options, it’s still better than many of the other mainstream sodas.

Be smart about what you put into your body and you will come out the other side happier and healthier.

Summary: Healthiest Drinks At Burger King

When you find yourself at Burger King, a healthy drink might be the last thing you are looking for when you want one of their flame grilled burgers or tasty chicken sandwiches. Ditch the sugary sodas and go for something a bit healthier like a Powerade Zero or a simple bottle of water. In choosing a healthy drink option, you’ll find more energy to charge your day, add some much-needed nutrition to your meal, and give you the hydration your body might be craving.

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