7 Benefits of the Sled Pull

Some of the best ways to increase your athletic ability, improve your leg strength, and get several bodily benefits is with a sled pull.

This simple yet effective exercise is great for increasing leg power and drive, developing explosiveness, and burning calories.

The sled pull can be used for athletes, body builders, and anyone who wants to become faster and stronger in a short amount of time.

The “key” to achieving increased bodily benefits with the sled pull is to do your reps with great power and explosiveness.  After a good warmup, your body should be able to achieve maximum effort and drive.

Over time your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves will increase in strength, power, width, and aerobic capacity.

Your body will benefit through increase athletic performance which developing a body you can be proud of.

Check out this list of the 7 benefits you will receive from consistently doing the sled pull.

Benefits of the Sled Pull

1. Increased Muscle Mass

The first benefit of the sled pull is going to be your increased muscle mass. Your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, hip flexors, abs, and back will all start to get bigger and stronger. This will in turn lead to greater force production and a faster body.

2. More Explosiveness

The second benefit of the sled pull is the amount of explosiveness you will begin to create. Your legs will become stronger and faster, giving you more power as you make your runs and cuts. This will enable you to get past defenders with ease.

3. Better Aerobic Capacity

Another benefit of the sled pull is with the increase in your aerobic capacity. Your lungs and heart will improve, giving yourself the ability to last longer in the game when doing explosive movements. Running back and forth across the field or court will become easier and you will become less winded doing so.

4. Improved Quickness

When you do the sled pull consistently, you are going to improve your quickness and reaction time. Your calf muscles will be able to react more quickly and jump cuts will become easier. Side to side motions will become a breeze and you will more easily be able to allude defenders. 

5. Better Ground Reaction Force

Another benefit of the sled pull is your improved ground reaction force. You will be able to more easily explode off the ground, change direction, and elevate your acceleration pace. A good ground reaction force is necessary for an athlete’s elusiveness.

6. Added Calorie Burn

The sled pull is a great exercise to help you burn calories and shed fat. You can use this exercise as part of a HIIT workout allowing you to increase your metabolism and burn calories over time. Adding this exercise in a couple times a week will do just that.

7. Improved Appearance

Last on this list of sled pull benefits is your bodily appearance will improve. Your legs will look strong and muscular. Your calorie burn will increase so you will appear lean in general. It’s the perfect exercise to help you get ready for the summer season.

Summary: Benefits of the Sled Pull

One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your athletic performance is with a sled pull. Increase the weight over time, vary the reps, sets, and distances ran to give you an ultimate leg workout. Change up the movements with a side-to-side shuffle and a backwards run to give your body additional angles of resistance. Build your muscle capacity up over time and you will be running, jumping, and cutting more explosively than you ever have before.

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