3 Compound Supersets for Massive Growth

Some of the best compound supersets are going to give you the biggest growth throughout your entire body.

You need to concentrate on exercises that benefit the entirety of your muscles throughout the body.

The best compound superset is going to be one that uses a full body exercise followed by another full body exercise with little to no rest in between. This would be something like a thruster followed by a burpee.

Combining two exercises that use separate body parts is going to be the best way to get your workout done quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Not only that, but you will also burn an excessive number of calories, melt body fat and sculpt lean muscle throughout your body.

Next time you find yourself at the gym, try one of these 3 compound supersets for building muscle and losing weight.

Compound Supersets for Massive Growth

1. Power Clean & Pushup Jack

The first compound superset you should be doing to get bigger, stronger, and more powerful is the power clean followed by a pushup jack.

The power clean will work your legs, back, shoulders, and biceps.

Pushup Jacks will work your chest triceps, abs, deltoids, and hip flexors.

Putting these exercises together will leave you exhausted and well worked.

Do this combination once every couple of weeks to build powerful muscles throughout the body.

2. Thrusters and Burpees

Another great compound superset is the thruster followed by a burpee.

The thruster combines a squat and a shoulder press.

The burpee uses almost every muscle in the body to perform the entire rep.

Put these together for an ultimate HIIT style workout.

Burn calories and build muscle with these 2 excellent exercises.

3. Deadlifts and Lunge Jumps

If you want one of the toughest compound supersets that there is, pair the deadlift and lunge jump in the ultimate workout.

These two exercises will leave your legs scorched and sore.

Build your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, forearms, and back muscles with this super challenging workout combination.

Throw on a weight vest to make each of these exercises even tougher.

Summary: Compound Supersets for Massive Growth

Next time you need a good workout, utilize 2 compound supersets and experience one of the toughest workouts imaginable. If you want to get even stronger and more powerful, put all 3 of these compound supersets together to give you the ultimate workout. Build muscle, burn fat and scorch calories with full body exercises. You could triple up the exercises and add a cardio element to the end. Add a cycling sprint, set of jump ropes, or intense 30 second sprint or row to make the workout that much more effective. Doing these exercises with great form over time will lead to major muscular gains. The best exercises are going to be the ones that utilize the most muscle groups at one time. Get creative and put together different full body exercises for the best workout you have ever had.

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