10 Reasons Why You Should do 100 Mountain Climbers a Day

Finding time to get 100 mountain climbers a day into your workout routine can seem like a daunting challenge.

But if you can motivate yourself to take on this exercise, you will see many bodily benefits over time.

Doing 100 mountain climbers a day is going to help you burn fat and lose weight, increase muscle and endurance, improve posture and mood, while boosting your energy and improving your sleep. Over time, you may be able to steadily increase the number of mountain climbers you can do in one workout session from 100 to 500 mountain climbers a day.

The best way to do this is to be consistent over time.

Set aside some time before bed or right when you wake up in the morning.

Consistently doing this 3 to 4 days a week will set you up for success.

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Reasons Why You Should do 100 Mountain Climbers a Day

#1 You Will Scorch Body Fat

Mountain climbers can burn a significant number of calories and body fat over time. You can expect to burn over 750 calories per hour with mountain climbers. Obviously, you’re not going to do an hour of mountain climbers, but every 10 minutes you do will help you burn 125 calories. Start with 100 mountain climbers per day and build up so you can do a solid 10 minutes worth. As you get stronger and build endurance, you will be able to pick up your speed and get a higher number of mountain climbers in that 10 minutes. Do you think you can get 500 mountain climbers done in 10 minutes?

#2 You Will Get a Strong Core

Your core is going to get a tough workout when you do 100 mountain climbers a day. Stabilizing your body is the main objective of a strong set of abs. If your body is in a plank like position for an extended period of time, your core will get a fantastic workout. Mix it up by crossing your knees underneath your body or switching up to in and out abs or jackknifes to really give your abs and obliques a great workout.

#3 Your Delts, Lats and Chest Will Get Defined

As you work towards that 500 mountain climbers a day, your shoulders, lats and chest will start to get defined. Forcing your upper body to hold one position for an extended amount of time can really give those muscle groups a challenging workout. The strength, stability and definition of these muscle groups will seem to improve even more than your abs, especially at first.

#4 You Will Increase Your Endurance

Not only are mountain climbers a great workout for your abs, shoulders, chest and triceps, they will significantly improve your blood, heart and lungs by increasing your endurance. You can do this exercise at one constant rate or you can break it up into pieces and go as fast as you can for a few seconds. Doing the exercise as fast as you can will turn the exercise more into a HIIT workout, improving your cardio, and helping to burn fat.

#5 You Will Strengthen Your Hip Flexors

The hip flexors are often one of the most neglected muscle groups in the body. They are a muscle, so they need to be exercised. They provide a strong and stable lower back. Neglecting this muscle will lead to weakness and pain in the lower back. People may typically do knee raises to strengthen this area of the body, but the mountain climber will work just as well, if not better.

#6 You Will Improve Your Posture

A plank is a great exercise to help your posture. When doing mountain climbers, your body will need to have a strong and stable back, neck and abs. If you are doing 100 mountain climbers a day, your posture will begin to improve over time. Sitting hunched over at a desk all day has the opposite effect.  Incorporate mountain climbers into your workouts and you will begin to see improvements in strength and posture.

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#7 You Will Increase Blood Flow to Your Muscles and Brain

Doing an intense exercise will increase blood flow to your muscles and brain, providing them oxygen while removing waste products from the body. By increasing blood flow, you begin to remove plaque buildup over time and making your veins and arteries more supple.  You will lower your risk of heart disease, lower your bad cholesterol and raise your good cholesterol while helping to manage blood sugar levels.

#8 You Will Improve Your Mood

By doing intense exercise, you release endorphins and feel good hormones. Many people experience this as a runner’s high, but you can also get this doing long or intense bouts of mountain climbers. Your mood will improve throughout the day and you will become more confident and sociable.

#9 You Will Boost Your Energy

Over time, mountain climbers will begin to boost your overall energy. Your body will become more efficient at utilizing and creating oxygen and removing waste products. Your metabolism will increase, and you will become less tired and ready for the day ahead. The more energy you have, the more you can get done. Build up to 500 mountain climbers per day and you will have endless amounts of energy.

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#10 You Will Improve Your Sleep

Whether you do your 100 mountain climbers a day in the morning or the evening, your overall sleep will improve. Don’t be afraid to do this near bedtime either. Studies show that exercise about an hour before shuteye will help you fall asleep and get an overall better quality of sleep through the night.

The 100 Mountain Climbers a Day Challenge

If you are going to do something worthwhile, it makes it easier and more fun to do it if there is a challenge associated with it.

Two nights a week, try to add 100 mountain climbers to your workout.

You don’t have to do them consecutively or all at once, you just need to get them in.

After you can comfortably do that, add another day to the week where you do the mountain climbers.

Then, try to do them consecutively and as fast as possible.

As you build up, add more and more every night until you can do 500 mountain climbers per day.

Don’t think you are going to accomplish this overnight.

This may take 2 to 3 months to accomplish, but when you get there, it will be well worth it.

Summary: 100 Mountain Climbers a Day

Doing 100 mountain climbers a day can have great benefits for the body. You will increase your strength, endurance, and improve the overall health of the body. As you go along, try to get better and better every week. Work towards 500 mountain climbers a day and you will reap the benefits of a great endurance and HIIT workout.

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