Which is Healthier McDonald’s or Taco Bell?

If you are trying to figure out if McDonald’s or Taco Bell is healthier, you need to consider the nutritional value of the foods, the calorie content, sodium, and cholesterol content their foods provide.

Is McDonald’s or Taco Bell Healthier? Taco Bell is generally considered healthier because many of their foods have significantly less calories, sodium, and cholesterol content. If you order a bean burrito and a taco supreme from Taco Bell, you will be better off than if you purchased a quarter pounder with cheese and a large fry from McDonald’s.

The best thing to do is to look at their main menu items and compare the nutritional value these foods provide, how healthy each food is, and what the best course of action is going forward.

Once you have completed reading this article, you will know:

  • The health food pros and cons of Taco Bell and McDonald’s
  • Which healthy food items are best to order at Taco Bell and McDonald’s
  • If Taco Bell or McDonald’s is the best and healthiest choice

The Health Food Pros and Cons of Taco Bell and McDonald’s

Taco Bell Pros

  1. Lower calories than McDonald’s
  2. Lower sodium
  3. Lower cholesterol

McDonald’s Pros

  1. More Variety
  2. More calories for bulking
  3. Higher protein content

Taco Bell Cons

  1. Less variety
  2. Need to eat more to bulk
  3. Possibly worse stools

McDonald’s Cons

  1. Higher calories
  2. Higher sodium
  3. Higher cholesterol

Which healthy food items are best to order at Taco Bell and McDonald’s?

The Healthiest Foods at Taco Bell

If you are looking for healthy foods at Taco Bell, look no further than their Fresco menu. Get a burrito supreme, grilled steak soft taco, black bean crunch wrap supreme or chicken soft taco, all fresco style. Also get a simple bean burrito or veggie power menu bowl. All these menu items are below 450 calories and will provide your bodies with antioxidants, nourishment, and protein.

The Healthiest Foods at McDonald’s

McDonald’s also has a large variety of food that is also good for your body. You must be selective and avoid Big Macs, large fries, and large sodas. Some of the healthiest foods at McDonald’s include their fruit & maple oatmeal, southwest grilled chicken salad, hamburger, bacon ranch grilled chicken salad, fruit ‘n yogurt parfait, artisan grilled chicken sandwich, and egg McMuffin. All these foods are below 400 calories per serving. Unfortunately, most full menu meals are going to be much less healthy from McDonald’s than Taco Bell.

Is Taco Bell or McDonald’s the best and healthiest choice?

Based on general calorie, protein, and nutritional content, Taco Bell appears to be the better choice. Unless you are purposely bulking or trying to add calories, McDonald’s is likely the worse option. McDonald’s food is also higher in sodium and cholesterol content. Give your body the best chance to succeed and grab the food that’s the healthier choice.

A Big Mac is going to cost you 563 calories whereas a Burrito Supreme from Taco Bell will cost you 468 calories. Beans and vegetables are generally packed with antioxidants and additional nutrients, which Taco Bell appears to have more of. McDonald’s likely has Taco Bell beat on protein amount.

In general, the winner for the healthiest restaurant between the two appears to be Taco Bell.

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