What Is a Low Blow?

For those of you who box, do martial arts, or just like to fight, you may have heard of people using the term “low blow”.

Dictionary.com defines a low blow as either “an illegal blow below the waist of an opponent (in boxing)”, or “an unfair or unsportsmanlike criticism or attack”.

Boxers and fighters alike consider a low blow an illegal attack due to the location of the hit and the pain and bodily injury it may cause.

If someone were to do this to someone else, they are considered a dirty fighter.

This is similar to if someone were to make an attack on your character or “good name”.

 It’s considered foul play and should not be used in all circumstances.

What is the low blow meaning according to Urban Dictionary?

Certain dictionaries have certain definitions of different words. Urban Dictionary defines a low blow as to say something disrespectful or untrue to someone” or “an unfair maneuver”.

It also goes on to say that a low blow is “an attack to mens genitalia (sometimes womens)”.


“Sometimes enjoyed sexually, sometimes just outright painful” or “a comment which is cruel and callous. Meant to cut like a knife. Hence the term low blow, it hurts.”

Although these definitions mean different things, they are generally saying to not play dirty in whatever you are doing.

What are some low blow synonyms?

There are many synonyms that can be said for the word low blow.

These include abuse, insult, revilement, contumely, vilification, insinuation, unscrupulous attack, slur, slap, taunt, gibe, dig, crack, barb, affront, and jibe.

Many of these synonyms are going to correlate to the event that took place.

The key is to avoid using a low blow in all instances.

What are some low blow examples?

There are many ways a low blow can be used (but you obviously shouldn’t).

  1. A hit below the belt in a fight
  2. Slandering someone’s good name
  3. An attack on someones character
  4. Insulting a relative
  5. Attacking a helpless or vulnerable victim, emotion, or body part
  6. Blatantly lying about someone
  7. Cheating to win or get what you want

Low blows are some of the worst things you can do to someone else so avoid them at all costs. Use your judgment and common sense and you will end up making the situation better than when it started.

Final Verdict

A low blow is one of the worst attacks you can use on someone else. Whether you are hitting someone below the belt, insulting their character, or lying or cheating to get what you want, a low blow should never be used. Using one will make matters far worse and possibly make you look like a dirty player or despicable person. Instead, play by the rules, show some integrity for the game, debate, or relationship, and be the bigger person.

Go through life, play fairly, and show others the respect you wish to be shown in return.

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