How Many Jumping Jacks Burn 500 Calories?

Burning 500 calories with only jumping jacks can be a tough task.

A typical set of 100 jumping jacks will only help you burn 25 calories.

You are going to have to multiply this amount by 20 to get the number of jumping jacks that will burn 500 calories.

Therefore, you will need to do about 2000 jumping jacks to burn 500 calories.

This is not only difficult but may not be safe.

Doing a repetitive motion for that long could cause an overuse injury.

It’s not that you couldn’t do it but you need to think about if you should do it.

There are many exercises you could do to burn 500 calories.

These would include:

  1. Jogging
  2. HIIT workouts
  3. Swimming
  4. Elliptical
  5. Cycling
  6. Rowing

A better way to use jumping jacks would be as a warmup, HIIT transition exercise, or finisher.

Do 30 jumping jacks as a warmup to get blood flow through your body and muscles.

Transition from an exercise like pushups and go right into jumping jacks.

If you can do these exercises with intensity, you could end of burning tons of calories.

Jumping jacks are also great as a finisher.

You can mix this with burpees or sprint in place for a great finishing exercise.

Jumping jacks are going to work your legs, shoulders, and calf muscles.

If you want to burn calories, doing an exercise like running or cycling might be a better option.

Jogging will burn a little over 100 calories for every 10 – minute mile.

So it will take you about 50 minutes to burn 500 calories.

Alternatively, cycling for an hour at 12 mph will burn about 600 calories.

Both options are more feasible and realistic.

You will want to pick something you can safely do repeatedly.

My favorite workout to burn calories is with a HIIT workout.

Doing your exercises intensely can burn a lot of calories and fat over a short amount of time.

You can mix exercises together like air squats and hip lifts.

You could also do things like pushup jacks and lunge jumps.

In the end, finding a good set of exercises you can do as a superset or pairing in a short amount of time will be best for scorching calories and burning fat.

Summary: How Many Jumping Jacks Burn 500 Calories?

If you need to burn 500 calories, jumping jacks may not be the best option to make this happen. It’s going to take you about 2000 jumping jacks to get to this amount. It will not only take forever to complete but may cause overuse injuries to your ankles and knees. Use the jumping jack as a warmup, HIIT filler, or part of a finisher for your workout routine. If you stick to this, your jumping jacks will become safer and more effective. You won’t burn as many calories, but you’ll use the exercise for what it was meant to accomplish.

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