Does Tequila Help You Lose Weight?

Research says an ingredient in tequila can improve your health and your waistline

Tequila for weight loss may not be the first thing that comes to mind when your looking to lose weight and shed a few extra pounds.

The thing is, every little bit helps and if you can avoid loading up on sugary drinks all weekend, then tequila may be your best option.

Let’s go through a little scenario:

You’re about to go out on the town for a fun filled evening. You’ve had a strenuous work week and now you’re ready to relax. You call your friends and they want to meet you at the local bar for a strong mixed drink and some good conversation. You get your best outfit on, fix your hair and are ready to head out the door.  But while you’re getting ready to leave, a thought shoots across your mind.

I’ve been exercising all week and have worked really hard to lose a couple pounds. Do I really want to go out tonight and blow everything I’ve worked so hard for!?

You follow your gut, text your friends an excuse for not going out, and decide to stay home.

It eats at you that you’re friends physically look so much better than you, even when they spend twice as much time eating, drinking and not working out.  You are torn. You want to go out and have fun tonight, but you also don’t want to cheat on yourself and your good eating and drinking habits.

In reality, you want the best of both worlds.

Well put that jacket back on. It’s time for a night out. You don’t even have to regret the choice.  Research presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society says a sweetener created from the agave cactus, used to make tequila, could lower blood glucose levels for those who have type 2 diabetes while helping others lose weight. 

Is drinking tequila the best way to lose weight?

Drinking tequila probably isn’t the best way to lose weight, but it’s a great way to avoid putting on any extra pounds after a night of moderate (or maybe excessive?) drinking.  

So what’s this magic weight loss ingredient produced by the agave cactus?

To give you a little background, the agave cactus produces sugars called agavins, an ingredient used to produce tequila.   Drinks that do not use Tequila are usually full of sugar and will raise your blood glucose levels.

Agavins on the other hand, being indigestible, can’t enter the blood stream and end up getting passed through the body.  Your body avoids the sugar intake all together.

So you’re saying I can load up on drinks like margaritas for the evening?

Unfortunately this is not the case.  The problem with margaritas or other mixed drinks is they are filled with sugar and added calories.

To put it in perspective, a shot of tequila only has 64 calories, where a margarita can have anywhere between 450 and 700 calories. 

You can walk a mile and burn off the tequila shot, which you might end up doing anyway if you’re intent on doing a little bar hopping. If you want to burn off that margarita, you’re going to have to do an intense 30-60 minute high intensity workout after you get home, which you know is definitely not happening.

Fortunately, you can sip on or take a shot of tequila and not feel the regret of downing several of mixed drinks and still feel like your participating with the group’s activities for the evening. What’s also nice about tequila is the agavins add a bit of sweetness to the drink, eliminating the need for mixers. 

Summary: Does Tequila Help You Lose Weight?

Go out with your friends and have a good time. The lesson here is to watch what you put in your body, even when you’re having fun. Consistency is the key to anything healthy eating or fitness related. If you are going to exercise hard and eat healthy all week, make the decision to keep the ball rolling on the weekend. Make smarter choices. Don’t work hard just to throw it all away or you’ll end up spinning your wheels, maybe even to an early grave.

What do you drink when you go out? Could you choose something healthier? Let me know below!!

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