Healthiest Drinks at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

If you are out and about and looking for a healthy drink option that’s low in calories and sugar, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf might be the best place to grab a drink.

The ‘key’ to a successful Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf run is to avoid drinks like the Chai Ice Blended Coffee and go for something like an Espresso or Americano. Choosing healthy drink options like these will keep your daily sugar and calorie count down, your body healthier and your energy levels higher.

Picking a healthy drink option from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will provide your body with added nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to get you through the morning.

It might be easy to select the 32 oz. Cookies and Cream Ice Blended Coffee for 1080 calories but choose to make a smart choice and go for something with far less calories and sugar.

Next time you find yourself at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, try one of these 5 healthy drink options.

Healthiest Drinks at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

1. Espresso

The first healthy drink you can find at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the 5-calorie Single or Double Espresso.

This shot of coffee has no sugar, carbs, fat, or cholesterol.

An espresso is going to be one of the healthiest drinks on the menu.   

2. Americano

Another healthy drink you can find at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the Americano Coffee.

This drink will only net you 5 calories for a small

It only has 20 mg sodium, 1 carb and no sugars.

3. Iced or Cold Brew Coffee

Next on this list of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drink options is the Iced or Brewed Coffee.

Your standard coffee is going to give you energy will providing your body with antioxidants.

Furthermore, a 12 oz. drink is only going to net you 25 calories on the day with a couple grams of sugar.

4. Iced or Cold Brew Tea

A great cold drink option is your antioxidant rich unsweet iced or cold brew tea from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  

Grab one of these drinks for low calories, low sugar, and high nutritional benefits.

Get the Iced Black Tea and the Iced Swedish Berries Infusion.

5. Water

Last on this list of healthy drinks from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is your basic cup of water.

Hydrate and detox your body instead of putting sugars and fillers in it.

It’s going to be one of the healthiest drink options on the planet.

Summary: Healthy Drinks at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Today, it can be hard to find a good coffee house that’s not trying to sell drinks loaded with sugar and calories.  Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf does have some of those options, but also does have a high number of drink options that are low in calories, sugar, and health benefits. Just remember to skip the added sugar and fillers and keep the drink plain as much as possible. You will get antioxidant and nutritional benefits from doing so. The healthiest drink options at Coffee Bean are going to keep you healthy and your waistline thin.

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