Do Burpees Burn Belly Fat? (And Give You Abs?)

Burpees are one of the best exercises to help you burn calories, shed belly fat, lose weight, and get in shape.

Beginners weighing 185 pounds can expect to burn about 15 calories for every minute of burpees done at moderate intensity. This equates to approximately 20 burpees per minute, leading you to burn belly fat and lose weight.

With burpees, the harder you work the more calories you will burn.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Do Burpees Burn Belly Fat?

The short answer is yes.

The amount of fat you may burn will heavily depend on how long you do a burpee, how often you do the burpee, how intensely you do the burpee and if you add things to make the exercise more challenging like pushup variations or weights.

To burn the most belly fat with a burpee, try doing them as part of a HIIT workout.

Doing this will help you burn more calories even after the exercise and workout is complete.

Add a weight vest and/or hold dumbbells in your hands to make the exercise more challenging.

In this way, doing as many reps as you can over a certain period of time, 3 to 5 times a day and 2 to 3 times a week will scorch belly fat leading you to lose weight over time.

How much weight can you lose by doing burpees?

If you’re planning on doing 30 burpees a day for weight loss, you may need to reconsider your methodology.

Although 30 burpees a day may begin to help you tone and tighten, this number of burpees may only allow you to burn 20-25 calories per day.

In order to lose weight with burpees, you should be mixing in about 10 minutes of burpees per workout. This will allow you to burn an additional 150 calories as part of your workout.

If you do this with great intensity, you could burn an additional 200-250 calories during your workout.

In order to get the greatest fat burn from your workout, do a traditional or standard lift and alternate that with 2 minutes of intense burpees.

Do 5 sets and you will burn a much larger number of calories during your workout than if you just sit and look at your phone during your resting period.

Do burpees burn more fat than running?

Burpees will burn about the same number of calories as compared to running.

The problem is you may not be able to do the number of burpees it takes to complete a 30 minute workout as compared to a 30 minute run.

If a 185-pound person can consistently do burpees for 30 minutes, they will burn about 450 calories. Running for 30 minutes yields about the same results.

The question becomes do you love running more or doing burpees more and what other muscle groups are you looking to tone and tighten.

With running, you are likely only going to tone your legs.

With burpees, it will be easier to get your entire body in shape.

You will work your arms, shoulders, legs, and your core, including your abs and back.

How many calories are burned in burpees?

A good set of burpees will help burn calories and reduce belly fat.

For a 185 pound person, you will typically burn about 15 calories per minute at a rate of 20 burpees per minute. If you can increase the rate of burpees per minute to 25 to 30, you may burn 20-25 calories per minute. This will also depend on the effort you put into each burpee.

If you could consistently do 20 burpees a minute for 30 minutes, you could end up burning 450 calories.

Although this sounds great, it would be better to break up the burpees and do them over multiple sets since they tend to be a very explosive exercise for most people.

What happens when you do burpees every day?

Doing a small number of burpees everyday will help tone your muscles.

I would not recommend you do them every day for fat loss.

The number of burpees paired with the intensity of the burpees required to help you lose weight will be extremely hard on your joints if you’re not giving your body 1-2 rest days in between.

Doing a few burpees a day will be a good pick me up, get blood pumping, and may improve muscle tone, but fat loss will be next to nothing.

Will burpees get you in shape?

Burpees are a great way to get your body in shape.

Do them as part of a traditional workout or mixed in during your HIIT workout.

Doing burpees with great intensity will illicit the best results, toning your muscles, burning belly fat, and getting you into great shape.

You can expect to have better cardio and heart health, stronger and more toned leg, core, and upper body muscles, your mood will improve, you will have more energy, and overall will feel happier and healthier.

How many burpees should a beginner do?

As a beginner, you should start out slow and controlled, working to get your form just right before going all out on burpees.

Beginners should expect to do 3 sets of 8 burpees for their first go around. Over time, as you get more comfortable with the exercise, you can eventually increase to an unlimited number of burpees.

Just remember to listen to your body.

If something doesn’t feel right as your doing the exercise. Stop and re-evaluate your form.

Burpees are a very explosive exercise and should be done with great caution.

Overdoing it can lead to injury, setting you back for weeks or even months.

How many burpees should I do a day to lose belly fat?

This will greatly depend on the person and your goals.

A good number of burpees to shoot for will be about 200-250 burpees during your workout session. Split this up to anywhere between 20 and 50 per set for 5-12 sets mixed in with your workout.

I recommend you alternate the burpee sets with some other exercise, allowing your body to rest and recover before the next set.

Always make sure you warm up before doing a burpee.

How many burpees should I do to lose a pound?

Losing a pound of fat with burpees may not be as simple as it sounds.
It’s going to take 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat.

As a 185-pound person burning 250 calories per burpee workout, it will take 14 workouts for your burpees to shed a pound of fat.

Don’t let this dissuade you. You will be burning belly fat with the other workouts you are doing at the same time.

If you eat right and add cardio, this can add up to big weight loss over time.

Another thing that can help you lose weight is intermittent fasting. Check out my article How to Intermittent Fast to Lose Weight to start shedding pounds fast.

Do burpees give you abs?

Many people think one exercise alone will give you abs.

This is not the case.

Yes, burpees will give you abs, as long as you are doing other exercises, cardio, and eating healthy.

The burpee, though, will greatly contribute to this.

Burpees will tone and tighten your core, and help shed some of the belly fat that might be hiding your abs.

Modifying the burpee by adding a pushup jack, mixing in mountain climbers, or adding a weight vest will help you get abs faster.

If you are looking for abs, check out my article: 5 Best Flat Tummy Exercises for Great Female ABS (At Home)

Do burpees get easier?

Burpees themselves will get easier over time.

As burpees get easier, you should be striving to make them harder.

The only way you are going to burn belly fat over time is if you exercise intensely and challenge yourself, day-by-day.

The easier an exercise becomes, the harder you need to make it.

Do this by adding exercise variations, added weight, do them more frequently, and for longer periods of time.

Are burpees alone a good workout?

Burpees alone can be part of a solid workout since they work so many different parts of the body.

I recommend you do them as part of a routine that includes multiple exercises, so you keep variety within your workouts, making sure to challenge all muscle groups efficiently.

Burpees hit a lot of muscle groups and burn a decent amount of fat, but should be part of a bigger, more encompassing workout program.

How to Do a Burpee

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides.

Push your hips back and lower your body into a squat.

Place your hands on the floor on the ground and softly jump your feet back, ending in pushup position. Keep a strong, stable core.

Jump your feet back in landing just outside of your hands.

Reach your arms up and jump explosively straight up.

Land softly in a squat position and repeat.

Summary: Do Burpees Burn Belly Fat?

Yes, burpees burn belly fat. Do them as often as you work out, in a safe, smart, and controlled manner.

Use them as part of a HIIT workout for best results and you should expect to burn calories and lose weight.

Do enough of them over time and you will burn belly fat, showing your abs, and getting you into shape.

Another great fat burning exercise is mountain climbers. Read about how they can help you lose weight: Mountain Climbers for Beginners: An Easy to Follow Guide

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