Diet Drinks at Sonic

If you find yourself at the local Sonic drive-in, you might need to hydrate your body with a diet drink from their extensive drink menu.

There are only a few diet drink options to choose from so you may have to sift through the menu to find the one you want.

You will need to skip the slushies, Sonic Blasts, and regular sodas to find the diet drinks that you are looking for.

The best diet drinks are going to include Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Cherry Limeade, Diet Lime Limeade. Although not the healthiest drinks on the menu, these drink options are going to be a lot better than most. They are also going to have little to no calories or sugar.  

Next time you find yourself needing a drink to combine with that burger or dog, grab one of the following diet drink options from your local Sonic drive-in.

Diet Drinks at Sonic

1. Diet Coke

The first drink on this list of diet drinks at Sonic is a Diet Coke.

An American classic, a Diet Coke is consumed by millions of people every day.

Try this drink with your next coney dog.

2. Diet Dr. Pepper

The next drink option on the menu is Diet Dr. Pepper.

If you need to pick an unhealthy soda, at least pick one that’s low on calories and sugar.

This drink is going to be much better for you than if you were to choose a regular Dr. Pepper that could run you up to 94g of sugar and 330 calories for the Route 44 size.  

3. Diet Cherry Limeade

If you do not want the standard soda, go for a Diet Cherry Limeade.

It’s going to be a drink with little to no calories or sugar and provide you a new and refreshing drink that your tastebuds may have not experienced before.

Choose this over a sugar laced sweet tea or regular strawberry limeade.

4. Diet Lime Limeade

The last drink on this list of diet drinks at Sonic is the Diet Lime Limeade.

An alternative to the Diet Cherry Limeade, this refreshing summer drink is perfect to help you get through the day.

It’s going to pair well with the burger and fries you’ve been waiting for.

Summary: Diet Drinks at Sonic

If you need a refreshing and hydrating drink from Sonic, it might be easiest to skip the high sugar lemonade, Oreo shake and regular sodas and go for the healthier diet option. It is going to be easier on your body and your waistline if you choose a Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Cherry Limeade, Diet Lime Limeade. Grab one of these with a side of tots for the perfect low calorie, low sugar, summer drink and snack.

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