Best Gas Station Drinks Guide (2023)

If you are wondering what you should get at the gas station, then check out this list of the very best gas station drinks.

The best gas station drinks are going to be those that taste good, give you energy, provide your body with vitamins and minerals, are low in sugar, and will help you lose weight. These gas station drinks will include healthy drinks, protein drinks, energy drinks, alcoholic drinks, mixed drinks, and refreshing drinks, as well as coffees and juices.

What’s best about a drink from the gas station is the convenience it provides, the drinks are inexpensive, and you can get most of these fresh or refrigerated.

If you are going to work, going on a road trip, or just need to stop and get gas, a quick grab-and-go gas station drink might be just the thing that can hold you over for the remainder of the day.

Gas Station Drinks

Best Healthy Gas Station Drinks

Healthy gas station drinks can seem hard to come by.

With all of the sodas, carbonated, inexpensive and unhealthy beverages available at the push of a button, it takes a little bit of extra effort to avoid those and go for something healthier.

The healthiest gas station drinks are going to be high in minerals, nutrients, protein and vitamins, while being low in sugar, calories, and carbs. These drinks are usually located in the refrigerated section near the back of the store.

Some of the healthiest gas station drinks are hard to spot so let me point you in the direction of the ones you should look for.

Healthy Gas Station Drinks

1. ZICO Natural 100% Coconut Water

2. Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water

3. Gatorade Zero

4. Chocolate Milk

5. Vitamin Water Zero

6. Bai

These healthy gas station drinks are a perfect for a quick infusion of hydration and nutrition.

Best Gas Station Protein Drinks

If you get done with your workout and are needing to supplement your workout with a quick protein drink, the gas station might be the best place to grab one.

The best protein drinks at the gas station are not only going to provide your muscles with a quick and convenient source of protein, they are going to be packed with vitamins and nutrients to keep your body moving and your muscles hydrated and on the fast track to recovery.

Maybe you forgot your shaker at home, or maybe you ran out of your tub of protein.

These might be some of the best gas station protein drinks that can make up for lost time.

Gas Station Protein Drinks

1. Ensure Enlive

2. ICONIC Protein Drink

3. VEGA Protein Nutrition Shake

4. OWYN Protein Shake

5. SlimFast Advanced Energy

Some of these protein drinks are going to be harder to find than others.

If your local gas station carries them, then you should be good to go.

Best Gas Station Energy Drinks

Gas stations are known for their energy drinks.

It’s best if you recognize which ones are good for you and which ones aren’t.

If you are at the gas station and are torn between the decision to pick a Red Bull or Rock Star over V8 Energy or Coffee, choose the ones with the natural antioxidants and health benefits.

The best energy drink at the gas station is going to help you replenish lost electrolytes, increase your energy, provide your body with vitamins and minerals, and all without the dreaded crash after the effect wears off.  

If you really need that energy drink, look to this list of best gas station energy drinks.

Healthy Energy Drinks At Gas Stations

1. V8 Energy

2. Coffee (Black)
3. Pedialyte

4. XS Energy Drink

5. Vital Proteins Collagen Energy Shots

6. Aspire Healthy Energy Drink

These energy drinks are low on sugar, carbs and calories, while being high on vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Avoid the crash and grab one that will improve your health, mood, and body.

Best Gas Station Drinks for Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight can be a challenge, especially if you are always on the go with no time to work out.

The next best thing is to eat and drink properly to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

The best gas station drinks for weight loss will be the ones with little to no calories. The best way to lose weight is with a calorie deficit. If you are burning more calories than you are putting into your body throughout the day, then you are bound to lose weight.

A lifestyle where you are on the go means you don’t have time to prepare your drinks ahead of time, so the gas station is the next best thing.

If you are strapped for time and need to grab a drink at the gas station that may help you lose weight, try these options.

Gas Station Drinks for Weight Loss


2. pH

3. H Factor Hydrogen Water

4. Essentia

These refreshing and hydrating drinks have little to no calories and will help you in your weight loss efforts.

Best Gas Station Alcohol Drinks

Some gas station drinks with alcohol are better than others.

The best gas station alcohol drinks are going to taste good, be low carb, and are readily available to take home and drink right away. You will typically find alcohol and mixed drink options near the back of the store in the refrigerated section.

If you are to grab an alcoholic drink at the gas station, make sure you consume responsibly.

Alcoholic Drinks At Gas Stations

1. Michelob Ultra

2. Red Wine

3. Champagne

4. Tequila

5. Vodka

6. Guinness

7. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

If you are going to drink alcohol, keep it easy on your waistline and choose these options.

Best Gas Station Coffee Drinks

If you are at the gas station, coffee might be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a quick drink that will warm you up and give you some energy in the morning.

The best gas station coffee drinks are going to have great taste, have no added sugar or creamer, be hot and fresh and ready to consume. If you can’t find a good hot coffee option, there are also cold coffees available in the refrigerated section.  

Try to skip the additives and keep the coffee as basic as possible.

By doing this, you will keep the coffee as healthy as possible, giving you the caffeine you are looking for without all the added calories and sugars.

Try these gas station coffee drinks for best results.

Coffee Drinks At Gas Stations

1. Coffee (Fresh, Black)

2. Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Coffee

3. SToK Black Cold-Brew Coffee

If you go for black coffee, the fresher the better.

Good Gas Station Drinks

If you just need a good solid gas station drink, there are many good options.

Many of these will provide hydration, nutrition, and bit of energy for the ride.

Good Gas Station Drinks

1. V8 Hydrate

2. Pomegranate Juice

3. Powerade

4. Sparkling Ice

5. Bubly Sparkling Water

6. Propel


8. Celsius

All of these are good drinks you can find at the gas station, many of them filled with vitamins and nutrients and a burst of energy.

Most Refreshing Drink At Gas Station

A good refreshing drink is going to leave you feeling happy and energized.

The most refreshing drink at a gas station might have lemon, tea, ginger or a kick of added flavor, finishing crisp and cool.

Give these refreshing gas station drinks a try.

Refreshing Gas Station Drinks

1. Honest Hibiscus Cold Brew Tea

2. Lemon Perfect

3. Kevita

4. Naked, Green Machine

These are some of the most refreshing drinks you will find at the gas station.

Juices at Gas Stations

If you are grabbing some gas in the morning, you might need to grab a juice as well to give you some quick and much needed energy.

Head over to the refrigerated section and pick out a juice high in vitamins A and C.

If they are not near the milk, they may also have them fresh near the coffee.

Here are some good juices to grab at the gas station.

Gas Station Juices

1. Mott’s Apple Juice

2. Simply Orange

3. Lakewood Organic Cranberry Juice

4. POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice

What is the healthiest drink at a gas station?

The healthiest drink at a gas station is Pedialyte.

This drink will provide you with instant hydration, a ton of vitamins and minerals, and will make you feel like you never lost a step.

Pedialyte is great tasting, replaces lost electrolytes and is more effective than most fluid replenishing sports drinks

Overall, these are the best gas station drinks:

1. Pedialyte

2. ZICO Natural 100% Coconut Water

3. Ensure Enlive

4. Coffee (Black)


6. Hibiscus Cold Brew Tea

Summary: Best Gas Station Drinks

If you are going to the gas station and need some quick hydration, nutrition, and energy all in one drink, I hope you try one of the drinks outlined above. Many of these drinks will replace lost nutrients and give the energy to make it through the day. Many of these options are quick, convenient, and ready at a moments notice.

If you need some snacks to go with these drinks, check out my article: Healthy Gas Stations Snacks You Should Be Eating

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