Bench Press Supersets for a Bigger Chest

If you are trying to get bigger, more muscular chest, the bench press superset might exactly what you need to push your legs to the next level.

The bench press superset is going to challenge your chest and shoulder muscles over a short length of time, helping to develop powerful pecs and deltoids. A strong upper body is crucial for athletes, workers, body builders, and general exercisers.

Another good thing with the bench press superset is you can develop all the muscles of the upper body with a couple short and effective exercises.

Make sure you vary how you do the exercises by mixing up the angles, the intensity of the exercises, the weights, reps and sets to give yourself the best workout possible.

This will ensure your chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and upper back all get a quality workout.

Another great way to make your workout a success is with the use of a ‘HIIT’ style workout to help you increase lean muscle, burn calories, and improve your endurance.

You can also do things like compound supersets, supersets to fatigue, or just mix and match upper and lower body exercises.

The variety of exercises is going to challenge your body in a different way, enhancing your workout and making it more effective.

So next time you need a solid upper body workout, make sure to include the bench press superset for a bigger, stronger, and more muscular chest and upper body.

Bench Press Supersets

1. Barbell Bench Press and Chest Fly Superset

The standard, yet effective bench press superset is the bench press and chest fly combination.

These 2 exercises are going to scorch your chest and leave you feeling like you had a good pec and anterior deltoid workout.

This is a superset ranging from beginners to advanced exercisers alike.

2. Decline Bench Press and Pushup Jack Superset

Another variation of the bench press is to do it as a decline.

Throw in some pushup jacks and you have got yourself a challenging chest workout.

These are going to be the exercises that most heavily target your pecs.

3. Dumbbell Bench Press and Hammer Curl Superset

Instead of using a barbell, go for the dumbbell bench press.

You can immediately sit up and transition right into some hammer curls or even shoulder presses.

Using dumbbells is going to give your arms and shoulders free range of motion, lessening the chances for injury.

4. Banded Bench Press and Reverse Fly Superset

Another great bench press superset uses bands to increase the resistance.

Attach these to the end of the barbell to make it a more challenging lift all the way to the top.

Mix this in with a reverse fly to give your upper back muscles a challenging workout as well.

Chains increase the weight as each link is raised off the floor. Bands add greater resistance as they stretch and build tension.

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5. Chained Bench Press and Mountain Climbers Superset

Another way to maximize your lift is with chains.

Many heavy lifters use chains to get the pump all the way to the top of the lift.

Add mountain climbers to this bench press superset to further stress your chest muscles.

You will also get some core, shoulder, and hip flexor work in with this.

6. Incline Bench Press and Dips Superset

Next, if you want to scorch your triceps, go for the incline bench press, and dip combination.

These 2 exercises put together will give your arms and upper body a challenging workout.

Do as many as you can for best results.

7. Bench Press and Superman Pushup Superset

Last on this list of bench press supersets is a challenging Superman pushup.

Putting these two exercises back-to-back really puts strain on your muscles and aerobic capacity.

Do this and the rest of the exercises on this list to make your upper body workouts efficient and effective for years to come.

Summary: Bench Press Supersets for a Bigger Chest

The bench press superset is ideal for developing the chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps muscles. Use compound movements to make your workout more effective. Utilize different angles, frequencies, time, and types of lifts. In doing so you will build lean muscle, burn fat, and become a more effective lifter. As an athlete, body builder, or frequent gym goer, the bench press superset is ideal for maximum muscle gains. Just remember to workout smart, use good form, and mix up your exercises for the perfect upper body workout.

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