All About the Sissy Squat Machine

On leg day, most peoples workout routines will include exercises such as barbell squats or front squats, but what about sissy squats? Although you may laugh at the name “sissy”, it’s actually paying homage to the Greek God known as Sisyphus, who was sent to the underworld and punished to continuously push a huge rock up and down a mountain. You can imagine that this involuntary workout would make him develop some pretty strong thighs! The sissy squat is an amazing workout for targeting your quads.

What is a Sissy Squat Machine?

A sissy squat machine is a piece of workout equipment either in the gym or one you’ve bought for your home, that enables you to do a sissy squat. The sissy squat is also known to some as the “matrix squat”. A sissy squat normally requires a machine as it’s extremely difficult to do while simply free-standing especially for beginners, since you must lock your feet and calves into place and not allow any movement. The sissy squat machine will help your balance as well as allow you to completely isolate your quads. While appearance varies, most sissy squat machines will consist of a metal frame, a foam foot holder, a rear cushion to lean back on, and a gripped foot plate.

How to Use a Sissy Squat Machine

Luckily, using a sissy squat machine is extremely simple. First, step on the sissy squat machine and adjust the machine how you require. Absolutely ensure that your feet are securely locked into position so that you can lean back into the squat with confidence that you won’t fall backwards. Once you’re safely adjusted to the machine, you can start lowering into the squat, making sure you’re making a mind-body connection and focusing tension on your thighs. While lowering back as far as you can, make sure that your spine is neutral throughout in order to avoid injury. Once you’re as low as you’re able, take a brief pause, and then bring yourself back up, once again focusing tension on your thighs. Once you’ve completed the entire motion, you can go again for as many reps your workout plan requires.

Sissy Squat Machine Benefits

One of the overall benefits of using a sissy squat machine is the fact that it allows you to safely do a sissy squat properly, in order to maximize benefits of the squat variation. While many variations of squats may be harmful for people with knee issues, the sissy squat machine helps to execute almost 100% isolation of the quads. The machine will ease tension of the knee joints and ensure you get a safe, effective workout. The sissy squat machine is also beginner friendly, as it’s not a complicated setup. As well as the fact that the machine allows you to gradually strengthen muscle without straining yourself. The machine also helps people who may need to practice and strengthen their balancing abilities and do so in a safe and effective way.

Sissy Squat Machine Price

Sissy squat machines will vary in price like everything else, depending on the quality of materials and brand the machine’s made of. When looking to purchase one you are looking at a range from about $150 all the way up to $500, with your average quality machines typically being around $300.

Sissy Squat Machine vs. Sissy Squat

The sissy squat machine and the sissy squat are essentially the same exercise. The sissy squat machine simply enables you to do a sissy squat safely. While it is extremely difficult especially for beginners, it is possible to do a sissy squat without external equipment: here’s how. First, place your heels on a weight plate or any other slightly raised surface. Ensure that your legs are shoulder-width apart with your feet pointed forward and place your hands onto your hips.

Once your positioning is correct, push your shoulders back and start bending at the knees, leaning as far back as you’re able. Once you’re as low as you can go, simply rise back up using your core and thighs, and repeat as desired. It’s also extremely important to make sure that throughout this entire movement you are keeping a straight line from your knees to the top of your head in order to help you avoid injury.

Sissy Squat Machine Muscles Worked

While the sissy squat machine helps you primarily target your quads and glutes, it also helps your general lower body’s strength and endurance. It will also help strengthen your core significantly as you’re having to use it in order to keep yourself balanced. The sissy squat machine even helps activate your hip flexors, which is normally a really difficult area to target in exercises.

Are Sissy Squat Machines Effective?

Sissy squats are extremely effective for both beginners, and more advanced people. Beginners can simply use their body weight in order to help them progress and add muscle tone. More experienced people can also benefit as the secureness of a sissy squat machine enables one to add weights.

Best Sissy Squat Machines

Luckily for consumers there are so many different squat machines on the market today. When looking for your very own machine, it’s important to take into consideration a few different things. It’s important that you consider how much weight the sissy squat is able to hold, as well as the material and whether it’s portable or not. One of the most popular machines on the market today is the “Leikefitness Deluxe Multi-Function Deep Sissy Squat Machine.”

The Leikefitness Deluxe is relatively cheap at around $165 on Amazon. It’s portable so that you can use it at home or in the gym, and it can handle a max weight of 330 pounds. Another well liked and budget friendly machine on the market is the “GoPlus 3 in 1 Sissy Squat Machine”. It’s super lightweight making it portable and it comes with 2 anchors for resistance bands. The GoPlus can handle a max weight of 220 pounds, and is $109 on Amazon.

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