All About the Egg Cleanse!

If you are a Tik-Tok user, you must have come across the famous egg cleanse trend. A lot of people are cleansing their aura with an egg and their videos are going viral on the Internet.

If you are unable to comprehend the science behind it, we are here to help!

This article explores the complete concept of egg cleansing, its meaning, reading, interpretation, and everything that you would want to know.

So, let’s begin!

Egg cleanse meaning

Egg cleansing is like a spiritual energy detox using eggs which can help you get rid of bad vibes. It’s thought to be a long-established, spiritual healing technique that was developed in Mesoamerica and Mexico. As a result, it is also known as Mexican egg cleansing.

However, the egg cleanse has origins in ancient cultures throughout the world, including Italy, Spain, Greece, and Scotland. Its Spanish name, Limpia, translates to “spiritual cleaning.”

Today, individuals employ egg cleanses to get rid of any harmful energy that might be pulling them or their loved ones down.

Egg cleansing may be the solution to your problems if you’re feeling unlucky, depressed, or even just a little “odd.”

How to do an egg cleanse?

There is a special procedure to carry out the technique. Every step is crucial for the reliability of the results.

If you are thinking of performing it, read through the steps below carefully.

  • The egg is, first of all, cleaned to remove any unwanted energy it may have gathered. Lemon juice and seawater are used for this purpose. Although it is not required, many spiritual authorities advise cleaning the egg.
  • Now, take a transparent glass and fill it up with tap water approximately a quarter of the way. Before you begin, give the water a few minutes to reach room temperature.
  • Before beginning the cleansing, set a desire with the egg. Obtain your egg and hold it in your palms while allowing it to slightly warm up.  Speak your purpose onto the egg, and express any poisonous or negative energy you’d like to cleanse yourself of.
  • Carrying the egg in one hand, begin by settling into a comfortable chair or sleeping position. The egg should now be rubbed around the rear of your head, then it should be moved around your face and ears. Next, put your eyes closed and rub the egg along your eyelids and lips.
  • Run the egg along yourself as you now move it down your body. Imagine the egg removing the bad energy from you as you move from head to toe.
  • If you are doing it for somebody, run the egg gently in small circles over the person’s body. Keep them quiet as you move slowly from head to toe so that you can concentrate on expelling negative energy.
  • If the original one cracks even slightly during the procedure, don’t panic. Get a new egg and start again.
  • After you are done, pick up the water you got in the glass earlier and delicately crack the egg into it. Try to keep the yolk intact.
  • Allow the egg to sit for five to ten minutes so you may examine the water and analyze the results.
  • Your egg cleansing results will reveal how much negative energy you were receiving and probably why. Here is how to interpret them.

How to read an egg cleanse result

Here is how you can read the result of the cleanse.

Place the glass on a smooth and straight surface so you can see directly into it after allowing the egg to settle. Examine the water’s hue, egg whites’ form, and the shapes of yolk and egg white. Then, using the philosophies listed below, you may determine how to understand what they are saying.

Blood or water that smells foul suggests that bad spirits may be present. It is a sure sign that magic has been used against you. It might also imply that you suffer from an undiagnosed ailment or condition.

If there are bubbles in the water or the egg whites, your cleansing ritual was successful and the egg absorbed all the bad energy. It might also indicate that you’ve been having gas or indigestion, which are typically brought on by stress.

A lot of negative energy was absorbed by the egg if there are huge bubbles or balloons in the water. This can indicate that to completely cleanse yourself of your bad energy, you need to do another cleansing.

You might be able to get rid of bad luck or negative energy with an Egg Cleanse!

Try it!

Cobwebs in the white indicate that you may have received the evil eye or that you are embroiled in a stressful circumstance. Additionally, there can be minuscule brown flecks in the egg yolk or the water. Another indication is that you need to do a subsequent cleansing process to get completely free from the evil eye.

Spikes or needles indicate the presence of unsavory characters around. They might drain your good feelings and leave you with only negative ones. Or perhaps they simply want you to fail or fall short of your objectives.

You have an enemy if you can make out a face in the yolk. They can be jealous of you or harbor unfavorable opinions about you.

There was no bad energy to draw from your body if the water and egg appear perfectly normal. You don’t need to perform another egg cleanse; your feelings could be caused by anything else. You should try to concentrate on your feelings and identify their sources.

Is it worth a try?

Egg cleansing isn’t a new concept and has been around for years. Many individuals believe it to be true and satisfying while there is no scientific evidence backing the procedure.

So, it now all depends on your own choice whether you want to do it or not.

There is nothing harmful in doing this and also it is a popular trend. So, how about giving it a try? Maybe it may upsurge your serotonin by getting all the negativity out! 

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