9 Low Calorie Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee

If you find yourself near a Scooter’s Coffee, you might need to sift through the menu and go for one of their low-calorie drink options.

The ‘key’ to finding the healthiest, low calorie, low sugar drink on the menu is to skip past their high calorie Candy Bar and Caramelicious Blenders and go for something like a Scooter Shooter, Americano or Lemonade.

Picking one of these other healthier options is going to not only give you energy to get you through the day, but will provide your body with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Next time you find yourself at a Scooter’s Coffee, try one of the following low-calorie drink options.

Low Calorie Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee

1. Espresso

The first low-calorie drink option on Scooter’s Coffee drink menu is a quick shot of espresso.

This 5-calorie drink is the real deal straight up or with a little bit of half-and-half.

Their coffee beans are roasted to bring out the rich smooth flavor in the form of espresso.

2. Brewed Coffee or Cold Brew

The next drink on this low-calorie drink menu is their standard brewed or cold brew coffee.

Sourced with high quality beans from around the world, these 5-calorie drinks are the perfect thing to start your morning.

Grab a small and skip the sugars, sweeteners, and additives to keep this one healthy and delicious.

3. Scooter Shooter

The third low-calorie drink on Scooter’s menu is this 8-calorie Scooter Shooter.

This drink has 1 gram of protein and is great for a quick pick-me-up.

It’s smooth and delicious and will get your motor running.

4. Café Au Lait with 2% Milk

If you like a little bit of milk with your coffee, the Café Au Lait is the perfect French drink to wake you up.

It’s pure and delicious and made with equal parts coffee and textured milk.

Try this one as a small with 2% milk for 86 calories.

5. Iced Latte with Almond Milk

If you need something a little more flavorful, you might try the iced latte.

This low-calorie drink option is espresso mixed with creamy milk.

Pour over ice for a refreshing way to start your day and only 57 calories.

6. Americano or Iced Americano

Next on this low-calorie drink menu from Scooter’s Coffee is the classic Americano or iced Americano.

Hot water and espresso make this drink one you won’t forget.

It’s only 5 calories and is a much healthier option than a Candy Bar Latte.

7. Lemonade

A refreshing summer drink from Scooter’s is their lemonade.

This delicious blend of naturally flavored lemonade will net you only 92 calories on the day.

It has no corn syrup, no preservatives, and nothing artificial.

8. Black, Green, White, or Herbal Tea

Another smart way to get your daily dose of antioxidants is with a black, green, white, or herbal tea.

These 5 calorie drink options are some of the healthiest, low-calorie options you can pick.

Grab this to give yourself a quick and refreshing afternoon pick-me-up.

9. Skinny Cappuccino 99

The last low-calorie drink on the Scooter’s Coffee menu is the Skinny Cappuccino.

This delicious drink has 99 calories for a small and is a little more indulgent than the rest.

Pick this over all of the other high calorie drink options on their menu.

Summary: Low Calorie Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee

Even though a high calorie Peanut Butter Power smoothie from Scooter’s Coffee might sound like a smart and healthy drink option, it might be best to go for a herbal tea, Café Au Lait, or the quick Espresso shot to get your morning or afternoon going. Pick these low-calorie drink options to keep your calorie intake in check and your waistline slim. Making smart choices throughout the day is the thing that is going to get you there.

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