8 Low-Calorie Hot Dog Buns

Trying to lose weight, or maintain a strict diet can be tough around the holidays, but even more difficult during the summer season. For those of us who love a good outdoor cookout or BBQ, it can be hard to truly enjoy the nice weather, cool and refreshing drinks while watching your wait. Most of the new low calorie hotdog buns on the market provide a healthy solution to wanting to have a BBQ and eat at it too. We’ve gathered 8 of the healthiest hot dog bread options to have at your next family cookout, just bring the condiments and your favorite protein for the middle! 

Low-Calorie Hot Dog Buns

Lewis Bake Shop Healthy Life Wheat Hot Dog Buns

First on our list is the Lewis Bake Shop Healthy Life Wheat Hot Dog Buns that come in white and butter flavors as well, although it was harder to find available in our research. This nutritious, filling product contains virtually no fat, and although the sodium is on the higher side per serving, Lewis Bake  Shops’ creation earns a spot on this list for its taste and ideal levels of protein and carbs for those on the Keto diet. 

Lewis Bake Shop Healthy Life Wheat Hot Dog Buns80 calories per bun210mg1g4g3g18g

SOLA Sweet Hotdog buns

SOLA Sweet Hotdog buns are the only sweet buns on our list and come in Golden Wheat hot dog and hamburger buns. SOLA  buns contain only 6g Net Carbs in each bun, and just 1g of fat. Customers praise this product for its savory flavor, freshness and Keto friendly recipe. If you are looking for a healthier italian sausage and pepper sub, try these buns after tossing them on the grill for a minute or two!

SOLA Sweet Hotdog buns 180 calories per bun360mg10g14g1g6g

Franz Bakery Keto Hot Dog Buns

Franz Bakery Keto Hot Dog Buns are third on our list and are one of the best two products that reign supreme for the lowest calorie hot dog buns that are tasty and healthy. For Keto lovers,  each bun is 50g in calories and there’s no sugar. We love this product because it comes with a keto lifestyle guide. Two solutions for the price of one is an offer we can’t refuse!

Franz Bakery Keto Hot Dog Buns with Keto Lifestyle Guide50 calories per bun125mg2g7g0g17g

Schmidt Old Tyme 647 Hot Dog Rolls

For anyone looking for a Kosher option, the Schmidt Old Tyme 647 Hot Dog Rolls are a prime choice and will keep you healthy at the same time. Although the carbs are on the higher side at 23g per bun, the other nutritious stats on this product is amenable for a Kosher bread product. Schmidt Old Tyme buns have the same amazing taste as a traditional hot dog bun, but claim to be ‘healthier’ and ‘smarter’. 

Schmidt Old Tyme 647 Hot Dog Rolls Long Low Calorie80 calories per bun200mg1g4g2g23g

Sara Lee 80 Calories & Delightful Wheat Hot Dog Buns

One of the oldest brand on our list, Sara Lee, premieres a 80 calories wheat Hot Dog bun that does the job for anyone looking to watch their figure. The Sara Lee 80 Calories & Delightful Wheat Hot Dog Buns’ nutritional facts for these buns are somewhat different to the other bakery products in the Sara Lee Line, but the signature taste and yummy flavor is still present. So far, we’ve been unable to find out if these 80 calorie buns come in White or butter flavored, but for now, the wheat flavor takes the cake and gets the job done!

Sara Lee 80 Calories & Delightful Wheat Hot Dog Buns80 calories per bun180mg1g4g2g20g

ThinSlim Foods – Love the Taste – Hot Dog Buns

The ThinSlim Foods – Love the Taste – Hot Dog Buns are one of the healthiest options on our list for their overall stats. Low carb  and Low calories, it’s hard to tell this hotdog bun apart from regular hot dog buns and this product’s claim to fame is its taste! While most low-calorie projects fail at taste, ThinSlim Food’s recipe does the very opposite. 

ThinSlim Foods – Love the Taste – Hot Dog Buns 90 calories per bun180mg4g14g0g14g

Kroger’s Carbmaster White Hot Dog

Kroger’s Carbmaster White Hot Dog is one of the most affordable options for those in southern states and anywhere else lucky enough to have a Kroger nearby. Contrary to other supermarket brands, Kroger is widely known for their more affordable and nutritious branded bakery and pantry items, these buns are no different. At just 50 calories per bun, these dogs contain 1g of sugar per bun and are on the lower side of the carb totem pole as well. 

White hot dog buns like these are always best with traditional pork, chicken or beef hot dogs, ketchup, and mustard. American-styled!

Kroger Carbmaster White Hot Dog50 calories per bun360mg3.5g12g1g17g

Carbonaut Low Carb Hot Dog Buns

Last but not least, the Carbonaut Low Carb Hot Dog Buns claim to be ‘expanding the low carb universe’ one bun at a time. With 0g of sugar, this white bread boasts 9g of fiber and 8g of protein! Exclusively available on the Netrition website, we love this product along with any chicken sausage and a heap of honey mustard. Delicious!

Carbonaut Low Carb Hot Dog Buns 120 calories per bun150mg4.5g8g0g11g

Final Thoughts

Choosing a low carb, low calorie hot dog or hamburger bun is only one of the ways to be able to enjoy cookouts without starving. Make sure and do your research and consider your overall food and drink consumption, along with your weight goals, to determine the best products to support your goals. 

Have you ever tried any of these low calorie hot dog buns? Which one are you bringing to the next family cookout?. 

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