8 Low Calorie Drinks at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

If you are out and about and looking for the healthiest, low calorie drink option, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf might be the best coffee and tea shop to grab a drink.

The ‘key’ to a successful Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf run is to avoid drinks like the White Chocolate Americano or the Iced Dark Chocolate Latte and go for something like a Cold Brew Coffee or a single or double shot of Espresso. Choosing low calorie drink options like these will keep your daily calorie count down, your body healthier and your waistline thinner.

Picking the healthiest drink option on the menu will ultimately give you more energy, and provide your body with additional nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to get you through the day.

It might be easy to select the 32 oz. Cookies and Cream Ice Blended Coffee for 1080 calories but make a smart drink selection and go for something with far less calories.

Next time you find yourself at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, try one of these 8 healthy and low-calorie drink options.

Low Calorie Drinks at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

1. Espresso

The first low calorie drink you can find at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the 5 calorie Single or Double Espresso.

This shot of coffee is a quick and easy way to get some caffeine into your body.

Grab this instead of the high calorie Vanilla Americano on y our next visit.  

2. Americano

Another low-calorie drink you can find at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the Americano Coffee.

This drink will only net you 5 calories for a small

An Americano is a great drink option at any coffee shop.

3. Cappuccino

A great way to get a dose of antioxidants into your body is with a Cappuccino from your local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Bar.  

This tasty and smooth afternoon drink will net you only 120 calories for a double shot.

Pair this with a simple snack and you will have the energy you need to keep your day going.

4. Caramel Americano

If you need something with a little more flavor, a Caramel Americano might be just what you’ve been looking for.

This drink is only 100 calories for a small and is perfect to get your morning going.

Drink this for a flavorful boost to your morning.

5. Iced Coffee

Next on this list of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drink options is the Iced Coffee.

Iced coffees are becoming more and more popular over time.

Furthermore, a 12 oz. drink is only going to net you 25 calories on the day.

6. Cold Brew Coffee

Another low-calorie coffee option is the Cold Brew Coffee.  

Ranging from 25 to 70 calories, this drink seems to be preferred over iced coffee.

It is less watered down over time and seems to be more potent.

7. Iced Tea

A great cold drink option is your standard unsweet iced tea from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  

This 0 or 5-calorie drink is the perfect thing to indulge in the early afternoon.

Fill up on antioxidants with the Iced Black Tea and the Iced Swedish Berries Infusion.

8. Black Cold Brew Tea

Last on this list of low-calorie drink options from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is their Black Cold Brew Tea.

Grab a small for only 80 calories added to your intake.

It’s one of the best things to get you through a hot summer day.

Summary: Low Calorie Drinks at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Anytime you find yourself needing something from the local coffee house like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, you need to be smart about your drink coice and choose something that will provide your body energy and nutrition rather than something that’s high in sugar and calories. Look closely at the menu and find the drinks that are actual good for your health and well-being. Focus on bettering your nutritional intake during the day, and it will be easier to have energy, lose weight, and be the healthiest person you can be.

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