7 Low Carb Drinks at the Gas Station

If you are looking for a quick and delicious drink from a gas station, opt for the one that is low in carbs, is keto friendly, and will fuel you throughout the day.

Many of the drinks at the gas station are packed with sugar, calories, and loads of carbohydrates.

If you look closely at their selection, you can find some that are low-carb, nourishing, and antioxidant rich.

The best low carb drinks at a gas station include a brewed coffee, unsweet iced tea, water, beer, diet sodas, Gatorade, and coconut water.

These drinks are not only low in carbohydrates but are high in nutritional and antioxidant content.

The next time you find yourself at a gas station, try one of these low-carb drink options.

Low Carb Drinks at the Gas Station

1. Brewed Coffee

One of the only ready-made drinks that has certain health benefits is coffee. If you want the healthy version, you need to drink this black. The added sugar, creamer, and anything else you want to cram in there can quickly amount to lost calories and a drink that goes from healthy to unhealthy very quickly.

Some health benefits coffee claims is the increase in energy levels, ability to help you burn fat, lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimers and Pakinsons, and it’s ability to help you ward off cancer and heart failure.

Brewed coffee is going to have 0 carbs!

2. Unsweet Iced Tea

The next zero-carb drink on the Sonic Drive-In menu is their Unsweet Iced Tea.

This 0-carb drink is going to provide your body antioxidants and is going to be far healthier than most drinks on their menu.

It’s light, delicious, and provides you with a refreshing burst in your afternoon.

3. Water

Another 0-carb drink at your local gas station is a simple bottle of water.

Water will help hydrate you from a day of sweating and exercising.

It might be exactly what you need to go for instead of one of their many soda options.

4. Beer

If you need a cold, refreshing drink at the end of your day, you might need to grab a low carb beer from the refrigerator.

Go for the Michelob Ultra because it only has 2.6 carbs per bottle.

Just make sure you drink responsibly.

5. Diet Soda

One of the most popular diet sodas on the market is Diet Coke.

This soda is only going to net you .4 carbs per drink.

It’s massively popular and will get you the kick you’ve been needing.

6. Gatorade

Another popular low-carb drink at a gas station is their Gatorade.

This drink is perfect for replacing lost electrolytes.

A typically Gatorade will provide your body with 21 carbs per drink.

7. Coconut Water

A great drink to grab on the go is coconut water. Coconut water is a perfect way to put some extra electrolytes quickly into your body. This drink is low on calories, high in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and fiber.

Some health benefits of coconut water include its antioxidant properties, may benefit against diabetes, may reduce blood pressure, and prevent kidney stones.

One cup of coconut water will be about 10 carbs.

Summary: Low Carb Drinks at the Gas Station

If you are looking low carb, keto friendly drinks, your local gas station might have you covered. Gas stations are known for their convenience, quickness, and variety of products. They will have many of the drinks you are looking for whether made fresh or found in the refrigerator section. Just make sure you check the nutrition label before you pick the first one that you see.

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