7 Low Carb Drinks at McDonalds

If you find yourself at a McDonalds Drive-Through Restaurant, you may consider ordering one of their low-carb drinks on their extensive menu.

Low carb drink options at McDonalds are often going to be healthy, low in calories, and low in sugar.

Some of the best low carb drinks at McDonalds include Unsweet Iced Tea, Cappuccino with Whole Milk, 1% Low Fat Milk, Dasani Water, Minute Maid 100% Apple Juice, McCafe Coffee, and a Powerade Mountain Blast.

Many of these drinks will provide your body with energy, antioxidants, and some form of nutritional value.

Try to avoid the high carb Caramel Mocha and go for something a little healthier with a few less carbs.

Check out this list of low carb drinks at McDonalds.

7 Low Carb Drinks at McDonalds

1. Powerade Mountain Blast

The first low-carb drink on McDonalds’s menu is their Powerade Mountain Blast.

This drink will provide your body with electrolytes to get you through the afternoon.

Get the small version of this to only net yourself 27 carbs on the day.

2. Unsweet Iced Tea

The next zero-carb drink on the McDonalds Drive-In menu is their Unsweet Iced Tea.

This 0-carb drink is going to provide your body antioxidants and is going to be far healthier than most drinks on their menu.

It’s light, delicious, and provides you with a refreshing burst in your afternoon.

3. Cappuccino with Whole Milk

If you need something with a little more flavor, a Cappuccino with Whole Milk might do the trick.

This refreshing afternoon drink will go great with that morning biscuit and gravy.

Choose this to only net you 9 carbs on the day.

4. Dasani Water

What’s healthier than a refreshing glass of Dasani Water.

Detox your body and get the most out of your drink by skipping the soda and going with Dasani Water.

This will be 0 additional carbs on the day.

5. Minute Maid 100% Apple Juice

One drink you may have forgotten is their Minute Maid 100% Apple Juice.

Not only for kids, you can also get this with any combo meal.

Grab this drink for an additional 30 carbs.

6. McCafe Coffee

The next low carb drink is their McCafe Coffee.

This drink has no carbs but loads of flavor.

Grab this in the morning for a quick pick-me-up.

7. 1% Low Fat Milk

Last on this list of low-carb drinks from McDonalds is their 1% Low Fat Milk.

Milk is one of the healthiest drinks you can put into your body.

They are low-calorie, low-sugar, and low-carb drinks.

7 Low Carb Drinks at McDonalds

Sometimes you need a refreshing afternoon drink from your local McDonalds Drive-In. Just make sure you find something that’s low-carb to pair with your coney and tots. Choose a drink like unsweet iced tea, coffee, or a small Powerade Mountain Blast. These drinks are going to provide your body with antioxidants, electrolytes, and energy to get you through the day. Skip the Caramel Mocha and get something that’s better for your body and your waistline.

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