7 Low Calorie Foods at Sonic

Some of the tastiest low-calorie food options can be found at your local Sonic Drive-Through.

Healthy fast-food items can be hard to find so sometimes it’s just best to go for the foods that are low in calories, sugar and fat.

Look hard enough and you should be able to find food options that are under 340 calories per item.

Combine your food choice with a low-cal or sugar free drink option and you might be able to count your fast-food trip a success.

The foods with the lowest number of calories on the Sonic Food menu include their 2 pc. Chicken tenders, corn dog, small fries, jr. burger, small tots, applesauce, and small jumbo popcorn chicken. These foods range anywhere from 45 calories to 340 calories depending on the food.

If you were to choose only 2 of these items, it may net you less than 500 calories for your meal.  

Select an unsweet iced tea, water, milk, or coffee and make your lunch or dinner a little healthier than if you had chosen to include a soda with your meal.

Next time you are at Sonic, try to choose one of these 7 low-calorie food options.

Low Calorie Foods at Sonic

1. Crispy Tenders (2 PC.)

First on this list of low-calorie food options from Sonic is their 2 pc. Crispy Tenders.

Dip these strips in some bbq sauce or ketchup for a mouthwatering experience.

This snack will only cost you 170 calories on your day.

2. Corn Dog

Next is Sonic’s corn dog.

This fan-favorite is one that’s inexpensive and low in calories.

It will only net you 230 calories for your meal.

3. Small Fries

What goes better with a burger or dog than fries?

Grab a small fry and this will only net you 250 calories.

It’s the perfect afternoon snack that will go with most anything.

4. Jr. Burger

Next on this list of low-calorie foods from Sonic is their Jr. Burger.

This standard classic is the perfect thing to get you through the day.

Grab this for only 340 calories added to your daily tally.

5. Small Tots

A good substitute for your small fries is the small tots.

Typically, a person will choose one or the other.

Keep these out of your pocket and only add 250 calories to your daily total.

6. Small Jumbo Popcorn Chicken

Another low-calorie Sonic food option is their small Jumbo Popcorn Chicken.

This food will only cost you 330 calories for the lot.

Eat this with an unsweet iced tea to keep your calorie count as low as possible.

7. Applesauce

The last thing on this menu is their applesauce.

It’s low in calories and will provide your body some nutritional value.

It’s one of those food items that is only 45 calories.

Summary: Low Calorie Foods at Sonic

Sifting through the extensive Sonic menu can be challenging. The barbeque wings, large onion rings, and Oreo shake makes it difficult to find a food option that healthy, low calorie, and low in sugar. Satisfy your tastebuds and waistline and choose something like a corn dog, small tots, or Jr. Burger to make your stomach happy. These are going to be some of the healthier, low calorie food options on the menu.

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