7 Low Calorie Drinks at Texas Roadhouse

If you find yourself headed to Texas Roadhouse for their buffalo wings, tater skins, or honey butter rolls, make sure you pair your meal with one of their many low-calorie drinks on the menu.

The “key” to a successful Texas Roadhouse visit is to avoid the Mango Margarita and the High-C Orange drinks that are high in calories and sugar and go for the low-calorie drink options like their coffee, milk, or orange juice.

It’s easy to select one of their sodas or soft drinks like Coca-Cola or Sprite but make sure you elect something that’s a little bit healthier for your body.

Try one of the following low-calorie drinks on the Texas Roadhouse menu.

Low Calorie Drinks at Texas Roadhouse


The first low-calorie drink on the Texas Roadhouse menu is the standard cup of coffee.

This drink will provide your body with heat, energy, and antioxidants.

Make sure you skip the added creamers and sugars to make this drink as healthy as possible.

This will go good in the early afternoon or as a quick night cap.

A regular cup of coffee will net you only 5 calories.


If you decide to get a steak, keep the calories down with a simple bottle of water.

Adding zero calories to your meal is going to be crucial at this restaurant that has foods with lots of calories and lots of sugar.

Water will hydrate your body, help to remove toxins, and keep our body headed in the right direction.

Apple Juice

One low-calorie drink that many people forget is a delicious apple juice.

Netting you only 80 calories, this drink is not only made for kids but adults as well.

Grab one of these drinks for an addition of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Orange Juice

Another low-calorie drink that goes well with many of the entrees on the menu is an orange juice.

Add some vitamin C to your body with this healthy, 90 calorie drink.

Orange juice will help your body fight inflammation, help your body repair tissue, and is a safe and effective nutrient.


One of the best drinks for your body is milk.

Packed with vitamin D and calcium, this drink is good for your bones and body.

It’s another drink that will only add 90 calories to your meal, and it’s delicious.

Diet Coke

If you must drink a soda with your meal, opt for the 0-calorie diet Coke.

This drink is popular among soda drinkers and can be a good alternative to a 130-calorie regular Coke.

If you can skip the soda, go for a water instead.

Kids Lemonade

The last low-calorie drink on the Texas Roadhouse menu is a kid’s lemonade.

Lemonades are usually high in sugar so try to limit this to the smaller amount.

This drink will net you only 80-calories on your next meal.

Summary: Low Calorie Drinks at Texas Roadhouse

There are many unhealthy drinks you may find at Texas Roadhouse. Opt for the healthiest, low-calorie drink option that will give you energy, provide your body with vitamins and nutrients, and be the best for your waistline. A simple water or kid’s sized lemonade may be exactly what you are looking for in addition to your meal. Just make sure you are aware of the food and drink choices on the menu and select the one that gives you the healthiest benefits.

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