7 Low Calorie Drinks at McDonalds

If you happen to find yourself looking for a high calorie Big Mac at McDonald’s make sure you pair that sandwich with a healthy, low calorie drink option.

The ‘key’ to a successful McDonald’s run is to avoid their high calorie chocolate shake, hot chocolate, soda, or Minute Maid lemonade slushie.

It’s easy to pick a simple combo meal with a Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper but make sure you opt for a low-calorie drink choice.

Elect to grab a drink that’s healthy for your body and your waistline.

Grab one of these 7 low calorie drinks from McDonald’s.

Low Calorie Drinks at McDonalds

Unsweet Iced Tea

My first healthy and low-calorie drink option from McDonald’s is an unsweet iced tea.

Unsweet iced tea is a no calorie, no sugar drink option with only 10 grams of sodium.

It’s a great drink option for almost any time of year.

Sweet Iced Tea

If you need something with a little more sugar, you can always go for the sweet iced tea over the unsweet.

A small is going to run you for about 90 calories and 21 grams of sugar.

Whether you choose sweet or unsweet, the calories are going to at least be below 100 for each drink option.


If it’s hot outside or you just got done working out, water might be your best no calorie option.

Water is going to provide your body the hydration it’s been looking for.

Next time you find yourself at McDonald’s and need something to go with that quarter pounder with cheese, grab a water to go with it.

Premium Roast Coffee

Another low-calorie option that will provide your body with energy and antioxidants is their premium roast coffee.

Make sure you skip the 280-calorie iced mocha and go for the 0 calorie option with the Premium Roast Coffee or the Americano.

Coffee is going to give you the pick me up you need to get through the day in the morning or early afternoon.

Diet Coke

If you do go for the combo meal and need a no calorie option to go with your spicy crispy chicken sandwich, at least soften the blow and get a no calorie diet coke.

Soda is always unhealthier than most other drinks so try to drink a Diet Coke sparingly.

The aspartame, even though not a sugar, can get you addicted and feeling less full, leading you to eat more.

1% Low Fat Milk Jug

Not only for kids, milk is a great low-calorie option at McDonalds.

Milk can provide your body with vitamin A, D, and calcium to nourish your body.

Chocolate milk is also a great recovery drink if you’ve lost electrolytes working out or doing manual labor.

Honest Kids Appley Ever After Organic Juice Drink

The last low-calorie drink option from McDonalds is the Honest Kids Appley Ever After Organic Juice Drink.

Made for kids and with only 35 calories, this is going to be a better drink option than many of the drinks on the menu.

The vitamin C in the drink may provide your body with essential immune support.

Summary: Low Calorie Drinks at McDonalds

If you are looking for the nearest McDonalds housing your favorite McChicken, make sure you lessen your potential calorie intake with an unsweet iced tea, coffee, or 1% milk. Don’t feel like you have to opt for a high calorie high sugar soda and make the healthier drink choice. Mcdonalds may not seem like the healthiest place around, but you can make things better on your body by choosing a low calorie drink.  

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