7 High Protein Pop Tarts & Pastries

You might not expect it, but you can find a decent amount of protein in your favorite breakfast foods.

You can find protein in many pancake brands, eggs, bacon, and even Pop Tarts and Pastries!

These Pop Tarts not only taste good but can even provide your body with some healthy benefits.

Check out the flavors of these high protein Pop Tarts and Pastries.

High Protein Pop Tarts & Pastries

Frosted Strawberry

The Pop Tarts Frosted Strawberry is unarguably the most well-known. They are the most popular Pop-Tart flavor, along with Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon, and it is due to the fact that Strawberry Pop-Tarts are widely available. As a result, it ranks among the tastes that are easiest to find for people who crave fruity pastries.

It’s both sweet and tart, and it’s pretty much ideal in every aspect. The original pastry is covered with white frosting with scattered crystals of vibrant colors. In order to provide some balance to the dried strawberries, the filling also includes dried apples and pears!

Amount per serving370 kcal9g70g3g320mg

Frosted Blueberry

Frosted Blueberry is the ideal flavor for you if you enjoy blueberries. Since it was one of the original Pop-Tart flavors, it has had plenty of time to mature to perfection and find its way to people’s heart.

The white frosting of this flavor, like the previous one, has a lovely assortment of tiny vibrant crystal sprinkles. And it goes perfectly with the pastry’s excellent blueberry flavor.

The blueberry flavor hits you in the face as soon as you take a bite, awakening your taste receptors. Although dried blueberries are used in the filling, dried grapes and apples are also used, which one may suppose is done to balance the flavors.

Amount per serving370 kcal9g70g3g320mg

Frosted S’mores

The frosted S’mores are one of the most brilliant flavors of pop tarts that we have!

Instead of the usual butter pastry, this taste has a graham cracker foundation that is slightly sweetened with molasses. The Pop-Tart is packed with both chocolate and marshmallow filling, combining all of the authentic flavors of a traditional s’more into one treat. Additionally, because it is striped, every single mouthful contains all three flavors.

A fantastic complement is created for the flavors of the crust and the frosting on top by the well-balanced chocolate and the mildly sweet marshmallow flavor.

Amount per serving370 kcal9g67g5g390mg

Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Among the non-fruit flavors, this is unquestionably the best choice!

Additionally, as it is one of the originals, it is clear that the creators had a decent idea at the time and chose to keep with it.

The product comes up with the best cinnamon filling, which isn’t overbearing but just enough to deliver a warm, cozy flavor! It is served with the traditional pastry entirely covered in a brown frosting, which is actually the “brown sugar.”

Yet the ingredients list makes absolutely no mention of brown sugar!

Given that it is sweet and tan and has a caramel tint on the label, it’s likely that consumers simply consider it to be brown sugar, but whatever it is, it is delicious!

Amount per serving210 kcal7g35g2g170mg

Frosted Cinnamon Roll

The aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls hits you hard as soon as you open the container of the cinnamon roll pop tart. None of the other flavors give you that experience, for sure!

The traditional pastry used in these Cinnamon Roll Pop-Tarts is a great match for this flavor. It has a squiggle of icing on top, and appears like a buttery, cinnamon-flavored mixture was sprinkled on it before baking, giving it the same gooey flavor of an authentic cinnamon roll.

When compared to the flavor of the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart, the filling has a stronger, more delightful cinnamon flavor.

Amount per serving400 kcal14g66g4g330mg

Chocolate Peanut Butter

In 2013, Pop-Tarts debuted its “Gone Nutty” flavors, and they took the globe by storm!

If you are thinking that this flavor will taste even remotely like a Peanut Butter Cup, it won’t.

The peanut butter filling and chocolate crust set the stage for this flavor. In all honesty, the peanut butter flavor isn’t as powerful as it might be, and it could have uses a little more punch. But it appears like Pop-Tarts did that on purpose.

Almond butter is also included among the ingredients, and it tastes quite good. With its straightforward flavor, almond butter has a tendency to calm things down, which makes you question if that’s why it was included.

Amount per serving370 kcal9g70g4g250mg

Frosted Pumpkin Pie

If you detest pumpkin spice season, you won’t have to read this. And it’s very appropriate to do that considering the overabundance of the pumpkin spice obsession during the fall.

But if you are still reading, let’s tell you that the season’s addition of Pop-Tarts is something you should try.

These are a welcome break from the majority of pumpkin-themed goods we’ve seen this season. Additionally, unlike many other pumpkin-flavored goods, they aren’t too sweet and sugary.

The typical pastry crust is filled with a pumpkin filling that closely resembles the filling of pumpkin pie and adds dried pumpkin and molasses to give it that warm seasonal flavor. In order to complete the autumnal flavor, it also uses cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, and all the traditional spices of the season!

Amount per serving400 kcal8g76g6g250mg

High Protein Pop Tarts & Pastries Review

Breakfast food doesn’t have to be all about sugar and taste. You can find certain items that are healthier and packed full of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Pair your morning eggs and OJ with a high protein Pop Tart. You can go on with your day happier than when it started.

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