7 Healthiest Drinks at Caribou Coffee

Whether you need a low-calorie coffee, a sugar-free tea, or a drink under 100 calories, there are many healthy drink options at Caribou Coffee.

Many of these drinks are packed full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, and energy producing compounds.

The healthiest drinks at Caribou Coffee include their Espresso, Depth Charge, Hot Press, Americano, Hot Latte, Hot Tea, and Water.

If you stay away from some of the caramel and chocolate laced mochas and lattes, you have a good chance of picking a drink that’s not only low calorie but high in nutritional value.

The healthiest drinks are going to make you feel good, provide your body with energy, improve your mood, sharpen your mind, and help you keep you feeling upbeat for the duration of the day.

Try one of the following healthiest drinks at Caribou Coffee and reap their great benefits.

Healthiest Drinks at Caribou Coffee

1. Espresso

One of the healthiest drinks on Caribou Coffee’s drink menu is their espresso.

This quick shot of caffeine will get your day going in the right direction.

Grab a small for zero calories, zero sugars, and loads of antioxidants to start your day.

2. Depth Charge

The next healthy drink to get at Caribou Coffee is their Depth Charge.

This energizing drink taken first thing in the morning will get you going bright and early.

It’s delicious, flavorful, and a lot healthier than many of the other drinks on their menu.

3. Hot Press

One healthy drink on Caribou’s menu is their Hot Press.

This drink will give you a hot and caffeinated boost to get you going.

It’s only 5 calories and zero sugars.

A small also only has 5 mg of sodium.

4. Americano

Another tasty low calorie drink is the Americano.

This espresso drink is mixed with hot water to give you a nice smooth finish.

It’s a simple, yet effective energizing drink at your local Caribou Coffee.

5. Hot Latte

A drink that’s tastier than most is their Hot Latte.

The large comes with 16 grams of protein and only 20 grams of sugar.

Get this rather than the Turtle Mocha or the Mint Condition.

6. Hot Tea

Another perfect drink to grab over most of the others is their hot tea.

Grab this refreshing and healthy drink and it will load your body up with antioxidants.

It comes in Earl Grey, Hot Cinnamon Spice, Mango Black, Citron Green, Mint Verbena, Classic Black, Mango Black, and Tropical Green Tea flavors.

7. Water

Last on this list of healthy drinks at Caribou Coffee is a refreshing cup or bottle of water.

Water will detoxify and hydrate your body.

Drink it as much as you can to keep your body healthy and your mind sharp.

Summary: Healthiest Drinks at Caribou Coffee

It can be hard to find a good drink option that gives you health benefits, energy, and nutritional value. Caribou Coffee has a multitude of drink selections. You need to sift through the high calorie, high sugar drinks, and go for something that’s going to be a little bit better for your body. Try drinks like their hot teas, black coffees without the sugars or fillers, or even a tall glass of water. Your body will be more energized, your mind will be sharp, you won’t hurt your waistline, and you will beam across to the site of others.

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