7 Healthiest Drinks at Beans and Brews

When you need a healthy drink that’s low in calories and sugar, Beans and Brews has exactly what you are looking for.

Many of the drinks have at Beans and Brews have little to no calories, are high in antioxidants, and are going to give you energy to keep you going through the day.

The ‘key’ to selecting the best drink at Beans is Brews is to find something that’s high in vitamins, minerals, and nutritional value and skip the drinks that are high in calories, sugar, carbs and fat.

The easiest way to do this is to pick a beverage that’s basic, has no additives, and is not full of creams and sugars.

If you find yourself at a Beans and Brews, check out this list of their healthiest drinks on the menu.

Healthiest Drinks at Beans and Brews

1. Eye Opener

The first healthy drink on the Beans and Brews menu is their Eye Opener.

This 10-calorie drink is a great way to get some energy and antioxidants into your body without all the added sugars and calories.

Try this morning drink and you will be off and running to start your day.

2. Matador

Another healthy drink on the menu is a Matador.

This delicious fruit smoothie is made with strawberries and a blend of coconut berry Red Bull.

It’s not the healthiest drink on the menu but it’s better than most.

3. The Republic of Tea

One of the healthiest drinks on their menu comes as a selection of one of their teas.

Grab your choice of 0-calorie herbal, black, green or rooibos teas to fill your body with some antioxidants.

The herbal tea is a perfect choice for your body early in the afternoon.

4. Espresso

Another healthy coffee drink is their espresso.

Grab this high dose of caffeine to get your body churning in the right direction.

Do a double shot for even more energy and still no calories.

5. Brewed Coffee

A great drink to grab at Beans and Brews is a simple brewed coffee.

This classic drink is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and gives you a flavor that can’t be beat.

It’s another excellent drink to keep your body healthy if you need something like this to drink daily.

6. Americano

Next on this list is an Americano.

This fantastic drink is perfect when you wake up first thing in the morning.

It’s a healthy way to get some antioxidants as it is simply made of espresso and hot water.

7. Water

One of the healthiest drinks on any menu is a cold glass of water.

Water is going to help you detox, hydrate, and replenish your body’s water reserves.

It’s your safest bet for finding something that’s low-calorie, low-sugar and packed full of bodily benefits.

Don’t be afraid to just go with this if you need to.

Healthiest Drinks at Beans and Brews

Some of the healthiest drinks around can be found at your local Beans and Brews. Many of these drinks will be high in nutrition and low in calories, sugar and fat. You just need to be selective in picking the healthy option on the menu and keeping your eyes and your mouth away from anything that’s going to be bad for your body and your waistline. Next time you find yourself at a Beans and Brews, be smar about your drink choices and pick something like an espresso, water, or Americano rather than an unhealthy and high calorie Pumpkin Pie Fritalia Frappe.

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