7 Fitness Gifts for Fitness Freaks

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Fitness freaks love unique and interesting fitness gifts.

If you are looking for something that will excite a gym rat, give them something useful that will elevate their workout and make it easier for them to get bigger, faster, stronger, and shed body fat.

Give a fitness freak something they can use to help them lift weights, burn more calories during their cardio sessions, transport their fitness gear or help them recover.

A slick piece of workout gear for gym lovers should be easy to use, effective and a modern piece of technology.

Check out these 7 fitness gifts for fitness freaks and gym lovers.

Fitness Gifts for Fitness Freaks

1. Malachi Jump Rope

The first gift a fitness freak will love is a quality jump rope.

This inexpensive and smartly designed speed rope uses a tangle-free ball bearing design.

It’s easily adjustable, has memory foam handles, and makes jumping rope easy, fast and smooth.

A fitness freak can throw this in their duffle and head to the gym or park for a great workout.

2. Massage Gun

One of the hottest recovery devices on the market is a massage gun.

A massage gun can be used at any time to loosen muscles, increase blood flow, and target trigger points.

This particular massage gun comes with 17 heads, a life-long battery, 30 adjustable speed levels, is quiet and can be handled easily.

This is something a gym rat can take with them in their duffle bad every day of the week.

3. FITGAME Fitness Mask

One way to work on you cardio and endurance is through high altitude training.

This fitness mask will help you improve your heart, lungs, and improve the efficiency of your body to get oxygen to the tissues.

With 24 levels of breathing resistance, this workout mask is an ideal gift for the most hard core fitness freak.

This particular fitness mask is high quality, boosts performance and is made for all fitness levels.

4. Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desk

A fitness freak not only wants to get fit at the gym, they also want to elevate their fitness level during work.

This balance board for a standing desk is the perfect thing to keep you sharp and productive at work or at home.

Stand next to your computer and engage your leg and core muscles to maintain your balance.

Sitting is one of the worst things for your body so change the narrative and something that will help keep your blood flowing ad your brain sharp.

5. Kettlebell Gryp

An inexpensive way to turn any dumbbell into a kettlebell is with a Kettlebell Gryp.

This adjustable and portable weight grip can easily attach to any dumbbell and quickly turn your standard weight into a swingable kettlebell.

This small, yet effective piece of exercise equipment is great for any fitness freak.

6. TRX Suspension Straps

If you or the fitness freak in your life doesn’t have a good set of TRX suspension straps then you are missing out.

TRX suspension straps allow you to work out anywhere at any time.

As long as you have a door jam or a bar to hang the suspension straps on, then you are good to go.

TRX allows you to work every muscle group at multiple angles.

I use suspension straps all the time and couldn’t live without them.

7. Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle

If you’re a fitness freak or a minimalist, an easy way to store to your water bottles is with a collapsible water bottle.

This particular water bottle is reuseable, BPA free, foldable, and great not only for your workout but for camping, hiking and sports.

Coming in multiple colors, this leak proof water bottle will keep you hydrated and is safe to use.

Summary: Fitness Gifts for Fitness Freaks        

It can be a challenge finding the perfect gift for a fitness freak. They are usually very particular on what they want and what they need. Give the gym lover in your life one of these fitness gifts from above and you won’t go wrong. These gifts for fitness freaks will help build their muscles, increase their cardio, help them to hydrate and recover, and give them added exercise at work.

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