7 Exercises to Pair with Lat Pulldown

There are several exercises you can superset or pair with lat pulldowns.

You should pick the exercise that most closely accomplishes your goals for the day or week.

The ‘key’ is to select an exercise that will also work the lats, or one that works accessory or unrelated muscle groups.

This could be something like a lat pulldown and a pullup, row, or thruster.

It just depends on what muscle groups you want to work that day.

You could also superset an exercise like jumping jacks, in-place sprints, or pushup jacks to give yourself a tough cardio workout.

This will enable you to burn lots of calories and belly fat.

If you superset an exercise with the lat pulldown, make sure you give yourself minimal to no rest to really test and strain your body.

So, the next time you find yourself in the gym, pair the following exercises with the lat pulldown.

Exercises to Pair with Lat Pulldown

1. Alternate Grip Pullups

A great exercise to pair with a lat pulldown is the alternate grip pullup.

Doing these exercises together will ensure you hit every angle of your lats and work them to exhaustion.

Make sure you vary your grip for best results.

2. Walking Pushups

Another exercise that will force your lats to keep you stable are walking pushups.

This exercise will not only utilize the lats as an accessory muscle, but also the pecs, triceps, deltoids, abs, obliques, and hip flexors.

Do these together to create a challenging duo combination.

3. Single Arm Rows

Another exercise that can be used as a similar or accessory exercise to the lat pulldown is the single arm row.

You can turn your body or raise your elbow to vary the angle of the row to hit your back in different ways.

Do these 2 exercises together to really stress your lats and upper back muscles.

4. Jump Lunges

An unrelated exercise you can pair or superset with the lat pulldown is the jump lunge.

Doing these together will challenge your entire body by only using 2 simple exercises.

Add some dumbbells or a weight vest to make this even more challenging.

5. Sumo Deadlift

Another way you can challenge the entirety of your back is by super setting the lat pulldown with the sumo deadlift.

The deadlift itself will work the lats if you squeeze them at the top of the lift.

The sumo deadlift will also work your inner thighs, quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

6. Thrusters

One of the most challenging exercises to pair with the lat pulldown is a thruster.

A thruster combines a squat and shoulder press in one exercise.

Doing these together creates a challenging and exhausting superset.

7. Jumping Jacks

The last exercise on the list you can pair with lat pulldowns is a simple jumping jack.

The jumping jack is great for warming up the shoulders, lats, and legs.

You can pair this with almost any other exercise to add a HIIT element to the workout.

Summary: Exercises to Pair with Lat Pulldown

Picking the proper exercise to pair or superset with a lat pulldown will primarily depend on your goals for the workout. Pick something that will also work the lats or choose something that works similar or unrelated muscle groups. Do the exercises until failure and with great intensity. In doing so, you will adequately stress the muscle, allowing it to grow and develop.

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