7 Cricket Exercises for Batsmen

If you want to be the best batsmen in cricket, you need to be doing exercises that are crucial to the success of the team.

Whether you are an all-rounder, fast bowler or backup player, you need to hone your improve your skills as a batsmen to make sure you are ready for the call to bat.

As a batsman in cricket, you need to do warm-up exercises, core exercises, running exercises, strength and power exercises to make sure your body is in tiptop shape. These would include the banded box squat, cable wood chop, and lateral med ball toss.

A good batsman will have a strong core, powerful legs, and lean upper body.

Make sure you increase the weight over time, use chains and bands to add resistance, and focus on exercises that challenge the abs, obliques, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and back muscles.

Next time you are at the field, try these 7 cricket exercises for batsmen.

Cricket Exercises for Batsmen

1. Banded Box Squats

One of the best ways to improve power as a batsman in cricket is with the banded box squat.

Generating power through the legs is important for almost every position in cricket.

If you don’t have bands, throw some chains on the end of your barbell making the lift harder as you get near the top.

2. Kettlebell Swings

A great way to increase power in the back, glutes, and shoulders is with the kettlebell swing.

Forceful kettlebell thrusts are going to teach your body to make a powerful hip movement during the at-bat.

Make this exercise more challenging with a weight vest or doing single arm swings.

3. Hip Thrusts

The next exercise crucial for a batsman or all rounder in cricket to generate power is with a hip thrust.

Hip thrusts can be done with a banded or weighted barbell.

Use this exercise along with the kettlebell swing to generate great hip action.

4. Cable Wood Chop

A powerful swing is the result of strong rotational power.

Use the cable wood chop to do just that.

A cable wood chop produces power through the obliques and mimics the swing of a batsman.

5. Jump Lunges

If you want powerful quads, hamstrings, glutes, and inner thighs, you need to start doing lunge jumps within your strength and conditioning program.

This will make you a more powerful hitter, faster runner, and with better endurance.

Throw on a weight vest to make this exercise even harder.

6. Lateral Med Ball Toss

A lateral med ball toss is crucial to becoming a great cricket batsman.

This essential core exercise for cricketers is necessary to create power and speed in the abs and obliques.

Fast bowlers and batsmen alike need to utilize this exercise in their training regimen.

7. Pushup Jacks

A great way to add some upper body strength to the at-bat is with the push-up jack.

This exercise will challenge your chest, shoulders, abs, and hip flexors, making it an ideal exercise for all cricket players.

Use this and all the exercises in this list to become the best player possible.

Summary: Cricket Exercises for Batsmen

Batsmen, bowlers, and all rounders are going to need exercises that take their games to the next level. Utilize endurance and strength training exercises that are going to improve your muscles used for running, core strength, overall body strength and power. A good cricket strength and conditioning program is ideal for peak performance. Exercises like the wood chop and med ball toss are perfect exercises for creating power in the hips. A batsman’s power comes from the ground up and is generated from the legs and hips. Exercise with great passion and you will be one of the best players in the game.

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