500 Sit Ups a Day: Calories and Results

If you are looking to get a six pack, you might consider trying to do 500 sit ups a day.

Even though this may not be the best way to get washboard abs, this still can be an effective approach if you do it correctly.

The ‘key’ to getting a six pack it to not only do ab and oblique exercises, but to get your body fat percentage down as low as possible, but still at a healthy level. To get the calories burned and the results you want, you must do your sit ups as part of a HIIT workout.

This will ensure you are doing your exercise in a way that burns the most calories and works the muscles the hardest in the shortest amount of time.

500 sit ups a day is going to be a challenging task but it can be done.

You will need to spread the sit ups out throughout the day to give yourself a chance.

You can either do 5 sets of 100 during the day or 3 sets of about 167 when you wake up, over lunch, and before bed.

500 Sit Ups a Day

Calories Burned

Even though you are doing 500 sit ups a day, you won’t burn too many calories with sit ups alone.

You are likely to only burn a little over 100 calories for 500 sit ups.

If you do them as part of a HIIT workout, you will burn many more calories.

Pair your sit ups with jumping jacks, standing sprints, jump rope, or the stationary bicycle.

If you do this, the belly fat will begin to melt off and your abs will begin to show.

Just make sure you eat a healthy and nutrient rich diet.

Avoid processed foods and choose healthy foods that are fresh and frozen.


If you decide to take on the task of 500 sit ups a day, you will burn calories, scorch body fat, and build lean muscle in your abdominal region.

Just make sure you mix up your workout.

Doing the sit ups alone will not do the job.

Vary your ab workout, mix in some cardio, and make sure you do things that work your upper body, legs and back.

A balanced workout will make it much easier to for you to sculpt your body, lose fat, and make certain muscle groups pop.

Choose the lean and healthy path and you will have made the right choice.

Summary: 500 Sit Ups a Day: Calories and Results

Doing 500 sit ups a day will be a difficult challenge. If you do try this, do it for short amount of time, such as days or weeks. A balanced workout and eating plan is going to be much more effective at burning calories, losing weight, and showing off those abs. Lift weights, work your core, do cardio and HIIT, and eat a healthy diet to become the best and healthiest version of yourself. The fat will come off and the results will come if you stay consistent over time.

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