500 Jumping Jacks a Day: Amazing Results?

For some, 100 jumping jacks might be too few and 1000 jumping jacks might be much, so 500 jumping jacks might be the perfect number to get good results.

If you do 500 jumping jacks a day, you’re likely to burn many calories, encounter health benefits over time, and build lean muscle throughout your body. You will increase your energy, while improving your mood, posture, and sleep.

The ‘key’ to success it to consistently do your jumping jacks’ day by day and week by week.

It may be difficult to see results right away but taking before and after pictures will help you sese the progress over time.

It’s going to be difficult to do the jumping jacks all at once, so you need to spread them out to achieve success.

As soon as you wake up, do 200 to 250.

Do some over your lunch break and the rest before bed.

Mix in other exercises like mountain climbers, burpees, crunches, or pushup jacks to really give yourself a challenging workout.

So, without further ado, it’s time to find out how many calories 500 jumping jacks will burn, the benefits you will get, and the before and after results you can expect from adding the jumping jacks to your workout routine.

500 Jumping Jacks a Day

Calories Burned

When you challenge yourself to 500 jumping jacks a day, you will burn a good number of calories, shed body fat, and lose weight.

A 200-pound person will burn anywhere between 125 to 150 calories for every 500 jumping jacks you do.

This will likely take you about 10 minutes to accomplish.

Just by finding a little over 3 – 3-minute time slots, you will easily be able to accomplish your daily jumping jack goal.

Try to mix this with other exercises to create a challenging HIIT workout and burn even more calories to burn body fat and drop pounds.

Just make sure you work your way into the high number of jumping jacks, listen to your body and make sure you are not overdoing it.


There are many bodily benefits you will start to experience if you can consistently do 500 jumping jacks a day.

You will start to have more energy, your mood will increase, and you will build lean muscle throughout your body.

You will primarily work you calf, inner and outer thigh, and shoulder muscles.

Your cardio will begin to improve, you will develop lateral quickness, and you will feel more stable and balanced.

Many of these benefits will come over time if you stay consistent and continue to exercise.

500 Jumping Jacks a Day Results

Achieving results with jumping jacks requires that you consistently exercise day by day.

Doing 500 or even 1000 jumping jacks is going to not only take a toll on your body but mainly your mind.

Taking before and after pics that you can look back on will ensure that you are on the right path.

You will get more results if you mix in other exercises with the workout.

Doing only jumping jacks can only get you so far.

Add squats, lunges, rows, pushups, and planks to round out your workout.

500 jumping jacks a day may work in the beginning, but you may need to try and get to something bigger like 1000 jumping jacks per day.

As you move along, your body will adapt, so you need to continue to challenge yourself.

Summary: 500 Jumping Jacks a Day

When you begin to do 500 jumping jacks a day, you will find that you will burn extra calories, increase health benefits, and achieve excellent results. Once 500 becomes too easy, make sure you try and make your way up to 1000 jumping jacks per day. It will only take 10 minutes of time to complete the daily exercise so mix in other exercises like air squats or crunches. Make it a HIIT workout and you will work your body in a more intense and challenging fashion.  

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