5 Bench Press Supersets for Max Gains

A bench press superset is one of the best exercises you can do to increase chest, triceps, and shoulder strength, power, and stability.

Depending on whether you are doing a pushup bench press superset, chest fly bench press superset, dips bench press superset, thruster bench press superset or dumbbell row bench press superset, or any other exercise combination, the best exercise you will be pairing with the bench press needs to challenge the muscles you are trying to develop.

These exercises that you superset with the bench press should work your pecs, delts, and triceps.

You can also do unrelated exercises to give your body a challenging cardio workout, allowing the primary muscle groups to rest.

This could be a row mixed with the bench press, or even a lunge or sumo squat.

Doing something like this will work the muscles of the entire body, giving you one of the best and most efficient full body workouts possible.

Next time you find yourself in the gym, try to incorporate the following bench press supersets in your next workout.

Bench Press Supersets

Pushup Bench Press Superset

The first bench press superset is one that you should pair with a pushup. Both exercises primarily utilize the pecs, deltoids, and triceps muscles. The thing about the pushup is you get a little bit of core action at the same time. You will challenge your abs, obliques, and hip flexors along with the chest arms and shoulders. Make the pushup even harder by doing renegade rows, doing pushup jacks, or adding a weight vest to the exercise.

Chest Fly Bench Press Superset

The next exercise you should pair with the bench press superset is the chest fly. This exercise primarily targets the chest muscles as you squeeze together. You can make this exercise more beneficial by varying the angle, resistance, and intensity to scorch your pecs and give you that desired pump.

Dips Bench Press Superset

Dips are a great exercise to superset with the bench press because they both target the triceps. Triceps are crucial during any workout and any exercise to maintain strong and stable arms. Just make sure that you are not going down too far and overextending your shoulders causing an impingement.  

Thrusters Bench Press Superset

A great way to challenge your shoulder muscles is with the thrusters bench press superset. After you get done going through a challenging bench press set, jump right into your thrusters. Do these consecutively to scorch your shoulders, triceps, legs, and back. Doing these together will also give you a great cardio and endurance workout. Burn calories and shed fat with these 2 exercises.

Dumbbell Row Bench Press Superset

Last on my list is the dumbbell row bench press superset. These 2 exercises utilize opposing muscle groups. The bench press will work the anterior upper part of the body while the row will challenge the upper posterior part of the body and the biceps. Dumbbells make it easy to switch from one exercise to another.  Mix and match other unrelated exercises to make your workout that much more challenging.

Summary: Bench Press Supersets

The bench press superset is one of the best ways to challenge the muscle groups of the upper body. Use these combination exercises to build muscle, increase endurance, and maximize strength and power. Your goals should dictate how you formulate your workout. Mix up the angles, reps, sets, intensity, and types of exercises you do to make your workout programming that much more effective.  

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