3 Healthy Dutch Bros Drinks

If you find yourself at Dutch Bros, you might be interested in the healthiest drinks on the menu.

Whether you want a sugar free drink, cold brew, or even a low carb, keto drink, Dutch Bros has exactly what you are looking for.

The healthiest drinks on the Dutch Bros menu includes their Americano, Keto Americano, and Peach Hot Tea. These drinks are going to give your body minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Dutch Bros menu is littered with drinks high in sugar, calories, carbs and fat.

Choose something that’s a little bit better for your body and your waistline.

Next time you end up at a Dutch Bros, check out this list of the top 3 healthy drinks at Dutch Bros.

Healthy Dutch Bros Drinks

1. Americano

The first healthy drink you can find at Dutch Bros is the Americano.

This coffee drink will not only give your body energy but vital antioxidants to get you through the day.

An American is a type of coffee made by diluting espresso with hot water.

Some people add milk to this drink to make for a smooth finish.

2. Americano Keto

Another version of the Americano is the of the Keto variety.

A small drink has 120 calories and 0 grams of sugar.

It has 0 carbs and only 20 mg of sodium per drink.

Try this version for the healthiest drink on the Dutch Bros menu, unless of course you elect for a cold glass of water.

3. Peach Hot Tea

Last on this list of healthy drinks at Dutch Bros is the Peach Hot Tea.

A small only has 100 calories and 23 grams of sugar.

If you want something even healthier, go for the green, Earl Gray or Black tea.

These tea drinks will provide your body with antioxidants and give you something smooth and refreshing to keep your day on the straight and narrow.

Tea is also great for warding off disease and cancer.

It will help fight inflammation and boost your immune system.

A tea drinker is going to feel better, have more energy, be more mentally sharp, and always be looking forward to the next part of their day.

Summary: Healthy Dutch Bros Drinks

Healthy drinks at Dutch Bros are far and few between. If you must stop at Dutch Bros, opt for their tea or Americano coffee to make sure you are making smart and healthy food choices. Avoid their Dutch Freeze or their Blue Rebel Energy Drink. Most of their smoothies are packed with sugar. Even the kid’s smoothie comes with 220 calories and 45 grams of sugar. A large, blended birthday cake is going to net you 160 grams of sugar, 420 mg of sodium and 820 calories per drink. Even though this may taste great, these other drinks are something you should avoid with all your might, especially if you are looking for something healthy. Make the right choice and go for the low-calorie, low sugar, and healthy drink option from Dutch Bros.

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