10 Healthiest, Low-Calorie Peanut Butters

Finding a healthy, low-calorie peanut butter can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Many peanut butters are high in calories and are full of unhealthy sugar and oils.

If you look closely, you will find some of the best peanut butters that are not only some of the healthiest, but also taste great.

The rule of thumb is to go for something that’s organic, natural, and made with the least amount of ingredients.

Here, we’ve figured out the 10 healthiest, low-calorie peanut butter options so that you can make a wise choice! Here you go.

Healthiest, Low-Calorie Peanut Butters

Skippy reduced-fat creamy peanut butter

The first low-calorie, low-fat peanut butter on this list goes to Skippy’s reduced-fat creamy peanut butter. Skippy is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to peanut butter. They have a wide range of peanut butter depending upon your taste and dietary choices. This reduced-fat creamy peanut butter is best suited for people who have concerns about putting on weight and prefer to consume something high in protein. It is usually made of roasted peanuts that are grounded and mixed with sugar, salt, vegetable oil, and pea protein.

Here is the nutrition table including the amounts of various nutrients in one serving (2-tbsp/32g) of Skippy reduced fat creamy peanut butter.

Nutrients  Calories  Fats Protein Sodium Carbohydrates sugar
Amount per serving190 kcal3 g7 g170 mg7 g2 g

Reduced-fat Jif peanut butter

Another healthy peanut butter option is the reduced-fat Jif peanut butter. Reduced-fat Jif peanut butter is a classic product that is popular for its smooth, creamy, well-balanced texture and taste. Its characteristic taste comes from the molasses added for a deep flavor. The ingredients of the product include peanuts, corn syrups, sugar, pea protein, hydrogenated vegetable oils, molasses, folic acid, and various other minerals and vitamins. This reduced-fat peanut butter has 25% lesser fat than regular peanut butter. It is absolutely gluten-free and has no preservatives added. The nutrition table for the product is as follow;

Nutrients  Calories  Fats Protein Sodium Carbohydrates sugar
Amount per serving195 kcal12 g7 g190 mg15 gg

Crazy Richard’s creamy peanut butter

The best low-calorie peanut butter is Crazy Richard’s creamy peanut butter. Crazy Richard’s creamy peanut butter has some crazy amount of peanuts added to it.  According to the company, each jar of creamy peanut butter has 540 peanuts included in it with added no sugars, preservatives, and sweeteners. It is possibly the healthiest and most natural product you’d consume because it is said to contain no oil, salt, or refined sugar. For people who have limited their use of sodium and sugar due to medical conditions, this low-carb and high-protein product is a fabulous choice.

Nutrients  Calories  Fats Protein Sodium Carbohydrates sugar
Amount per serving180 kcal16 g8 g0 mg6 g2 g

MaraNatha organic creamy peanut butter

MaraNatha organic creamy peanut butter is made up of 100% organic dry roasted peanuts and sea salt. It is one of the trusted products because it has low sodium and is fairly high-protein. The creamy texture of the product is accredited to double-grinded peanuts and not oils. 

The best part is that the products with added no oils i.e. organic ones come with a label “stir and enjoy” while those with palm oil and sugar are labeled “natural” or “organic no-stir.” Make sure you choose the former, “stir and enjoy” labeled products to avoid those added with oils.

Nutrients  Calories  Fats Protein Sodium Carbohydrates sugar
Amount per serving190 kcal16 g8 g80 mg7 g1 g

Santa Cruz organic peanut butter

One of the finest products having a considerably low-sodium content is the Santa Cruz organic peanut butter. It has organic roasted peanuts that are grounded and mixed with salt.

Santa Cruz offers both dark and light roasted varieties that come in either creamy or crunchy versions with minimal ingredients. They too label their oil-containing varieties with “no-stir” and they usually contain palm oil. The fat content is considerably high so the product must be consumed carefully.

Nutrients  Calories  Fats Protein Sodium Carbohydrates sugar
Amount per serving180 kcal16 g8 g50 mg5 g1 g

Smucker’s Natural Creamy Peanut Butter

This high-protein creamy peanut butter is made up of organic peanuts added with one percent or less salt. This product is the number one choice of dietitians as it is made up of all-natural ingredients and is very economical. Moreover, it is free of any hydrogenated oils, GMOs, and gluten. It can be best paired with your morning toast or evening sandwich. The solid nutrition stats for the product are listed below;

Nutrients  Calories  Fats Protein Sodium Carbohydrates sugar
Amount per serving190 kcal16 g8 g110 mg7 g2 g

Spread the love of naked organic peanut butter

Spread the love is an American-based brand famous for its all-natural naked organic peanut butter. The product is absolutely vegan, gluten-free, and has no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) added to it. Moreover, peanut butter is free of any preservatives, salt, palm oil, sugar, etc. Here are the quantities of the high-quality nutrients included in this high-protein, healthy peanut butter.

Nutrients Calories  Fats Protein Sodium Carbohydrates sugar
Amount per serving180 kcal15 g7 g06 g1 g

365 Whole Foods Market Organic Creamy Butter

In terms of nutrition, it is almost equal to Crazy Richard’s, but it is far less expensive and, if you live close to a Whole Foods Market, potentially more convenient. This vegan, organic peanut butter is prepared from peanuts cultivated in the United States and contains no added sugar or salt. The natural oils from the peanuts will separate from the solids, just like they do in most natural peanut butter, especially those without oils or emulsifiers. But according to some Amazon reviewers, this specific one is easier to stir than other kinds.

Here is the nutrition stat for this low-sodium, high-protein product.

Nutrients  Calories  Fats Protein Sodium Carbohydrates sugar
Amount per serving190 kcal16 g8 g07 g2 g

Justin’s classic peanut butter

It is wonderful to see that businesses like Justin have begun to provide single-serve packages of nut butter like classic peanut butter. The fact that they produce single-serving packs, which aid in maintaining portion control and allowing for on-the-go snacking, is likely due to their moderately high-fat content. This well-known non-GMO, gluten-free brand is proud to have neither sugar nor salt added, which accounts for its low-sugar and low-sodium selection in comparison to more established brands. Additionally, Justin uses palm oil from sustainably managed plantations that don’t hurt or displace orangutans in the locations where it is harvested.

The nutrition stats are as follow;

Nutrients  Calories  Fats Protein Sodium Carbohydrates sugar
Amount per serving210 kcal18 g7 g25 mg6 g2 g

RX Peanut Butter

Last on this list of the healthiest, low-calorie peanut butters is this one by RX peanut butte. RX Peanut Butter is a perfect and delicious blend of egg whites, dates, sea salt, and coconut oil. There are a few peanut butter available that are naturally sweetened with dates, but this one boasts the impressive addition of egg white for additional high-protein. Like most peanut butter, it is non-GMO, keto-friendly, gluten-free, and free of added sugar. You can use it to make a peanut sauce or add more protein and fiber to oatmeal by drizzling it on top.

The nutrient values are as follow;

Nutrients  Calories  Fats Protein Sodium Carbohydrates sugar
Amount per serving180 kcal14 g9 g110 mg8 g3 g

Summary: Healthiest, Low-Calorie Peanut Butters

If you want something healthy and nutritious first thing in the morning, a low-calorie peanut butter or almond butter might be just the thing you need to get you through the morning. Peanut butter is a lifeline for those boring toasts in your breakfast. However, besides taste, peanut butter is also crucial for its nutritional value. Made of roasted, ground peanuts, salts, sugar, and oils, peanut butter can provide you with all the important nutrients. Many of the peanut butters and almond butters are low in calories, low-carb, low-fat, low-sugar, and high in protein. Eat them daily as a healthy snack and you won’t be disappointed.

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