10 Best Drinks at CAVA

CAVA has some of the best and most unique drinks you can find.

They have a variety of drinks with a variety of flavors including Root Beer, Blueberry, and Grapefruit.

Their drinks are fresh, delicious, and keep you coming back for more.

CAVA traces its roots back to a single restaurant in Rockville Maryland and includes more than 80 stores and 250 Whole Food’s locations.

CAVA’s food and drink selection make it a restaurant you’ll want to eat at several times a month.

Without further ado, let’s look at the best and most popular drinks at CAVA.

Best Drinks at CAVA

1. Strawberry Citrus

One of the best drinks at CAVA is their Strawberry Citrus. This drink is made with real cane sugar and is made fresh daily. It’s one of the tastiest drinks you will find there. Don’t forget to try the Blueberry Lavender, Classic Lemonade, and Cucumber Mint.

2. Sweet Tea

Another tasty drink on CAVA’s menu is their sweet tea. This will take you back to the south on a hot summer day. Grab this drink with one of their famous bowls and you will go home happier than when you came.

3. Main Root: Blueberry Soda

Next on this list of the best drinks at CAVA is their Blueberry Soda by Main Root. This caffeine-free drink is made with organic can sugar and carbonated pure water. The people in Maine wait all year for their blueberries to go, so definitely give this drink a try.

4. Maine Root: Ginger Brew

If you like Main Root drinks, give their Ginger Brew a try. This drink has a wicked spicy flavor of ginger root mixed with pure organic evaporated cane juice. It’s another drink that’s caffeine-free and made with carbonated pure water. It’s a refreshing dink you might want to enjoy early in the afternoon.

5. Maine Root: Mexicane Cola

A twist on regular soda is this Mexican Cola by Maine Root. This is another tasty CAVA drink with no high fructose corn syrup. It’s one of the tastiest drinks on their menu so make sure you come thirsty. It goes great with almost all their bowl combinations.

6. Main Root: Root Beer

For all you Root Beer fans, try this one by Main Root. This handcrafted drink is made with extracts of wintergreen, clove, and anise. This is also sweetened with Fair Trade Certified Organic sugar. Drink this caffeine-free with no strings attached. Try it with some ice cream for an amazing root beer float.

7. Spindrift Sparkling Water – Grapefruit

For those of you who like crisp, refreshing drinks, try some Grapefruit Sparkling Water by Spindrift. This drink contains 10% fruit juice and only 17 calories per can. It is unsweetened with no added sugar, gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, and never made from concentrate. Grab this drink for a happy afternoon delight.

8. Spindrift Sparkling Water – Blackberry

Another one of the best drinks at CAVA is the Blackberry Sparkling Water by Spindrift. This drink has all the health benefits of the Grapefruit flavor except that it’s made with real squeezed blackberries from the farm. It’s got no added sugar and comes ready to drink.

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9. Spindrift Sparkling Water – Lemon

Another popular drink at CAVA is another Spindrift Sparkling Water in Lemon. This one contains 3% fruit juice and 3 calories per can. It’s lightly carbonated, slightly pulpy, and full of flavor. It’s a good drink to combine with your Greek meal.

10. Honest Tea – Mint

Last on this list of the best drinks at CAVA is their Honest Tea in Mint. This is made with organic Moroccan mint green iced tea. It combines the taste of green tea with the cool flavor of mint. The tea leaves are handpicked, dried, and processed, leaving a brisk, refreshing tea behind.

Summary: Best Drinks at CAVA

Cava provides an abundance of unique and delicious drinks to go with their extensive Greek menu. From sweet tea to Mexicane Soda, CAVA has a little bit of something for everyone. If you are looking for one of the best eating and drinking experiences around, CAVA will not disappoint. Just come hungry and thirsty and leave happy.

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